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Renting with Pets

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Renting with Pets

Posted On: Thursday, June 20th, 2019

There’s nothing like having a furry friend by your side, especially when moving to a new place. While many apartments are leery of pets and have a strict “no pet policy,” there are also several pet-friendly apartments in Connecticut that will offer generous accommodations to furry friends. Simply following a few rules will help you to become the ideal pet owner in your rental community!

Be Informed

When choosing an apartment, especially when there are pets involved, it is important to be knowledgeable about the rules and guidelines your prospective apartment has in place. Many communities may have a strong “no pets” policy, while some may have restrictions on certain animals or breeds. If you find an apartment that is pet friendly, make sure you are prepared and willing to pay a pet deposit or an extra amount per month in rent. When in doubt, ask the leasing office for details regarding their pet policies. (more…)

Mental Benefits of Owning a Pet

Posted On: Monday, February 26th, 2018

Benefits of Pets We all love those animal videos that make the rounds on the internet, but we can also agree that the real thing is so much better. With the chaos and stress of life so common, our pets play a key role in making it all worth it. Many of us long for our own pets as our furry best friends, lifelong companionsand instant mood-lifters, but pets aren’t always allowed at apartment complexes.

Fortunately, certain CTBest communities and plans allow residents to bring their pets with them. If you aren’t sure whether or not to get a pet and your CTBest apartment allows the breed you want, then here are some reasons owning a pet is good for your mental health. (more…)