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Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Changes You Can Make in Time for Earth Day

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Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Changes You Can Make in Time for Earth Day

Posted On: Monday, April 22nd, 2019

College student picking up trash


With all the hectic moments in a student’s life, it is easy to overlook the small acts we take each day that could be negatively impacting our environment. We understand how busy college can be, which is why we we’re encouraging these small, inexpensive changes that you can start doing now to make your everyday life more environmentally friendly. But don’t keep these changes a secret! Share them with your friends and family and encourage them to start taking small steps to decrease their environmental impact. If we all begin to make small changes, it can make a big difference!


Here are a few small ideas to incorporate into your day to get you started: (more…)

How to Be More Eco-Friendly at Home

Posted On: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

How to Be More Eco-Friendly at HomeWith Earth Day coming up, you should be aware now more than ever about how your daily activity affects the environment. That’s why we’re sharing some of the best (and simple) ways to help you be more eco-friendly in the place you spend a majority of your time; your home.

-Recycling is one of the biggest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s a handy recycling chart that you can place near the receptacles in your home.

-You probably use your computer every day, but are you turning it off when you’re done with it? Even when computers are in sleep mode they suck up energy, so be sure to turn yours off completely off after each use to get the most out of it in the years to come.

-Invest in rechargeable batteries and learn how to properly dispose of old batteries.

-Don’t throw out your coffee grounds as they can be used to do some pretty great things. (more…)