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Experience Norwalk’s Beaches in the Winter

Enjoying life is easy in Connecticut, especially when you live in one of our great communities. Connecticut's public schools consistently rank at the top nationwide, the state is home to many major employers, and there's so many ways to have fun.

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Experience Norwalk’s Beaches in the Winter

Posted On: Monday, January 30th, 2017

winter beachAre you snuggled up on the couch dreaming of summer at the beach? While jetting off somewhere warm and sunny is a great way to escape the winter blues, there’s also something special about cold-destination beaches in the wintertime. Norwalk is home to two fantastic beaches, Calf Pasture and Shady Beach, both of which offer dramatic landscapes and winter experiences of a lifetime.

While the beach and town may be a bit quieter in the winter, there are still plenty of restaurants, shops and museums to visit. Even the ocean itself is different during the colder months of the year. There’s no better time to marvel at the breaking waves and enjoy a peaceful sunset. These beaches are often overlooked and yet they’re just as much fun, less crowded and easier to get to than the overly crowded, expensive beaches in New York or New Jersey. (more…)

College Students’ New Year’s Resolutions

Posted On: Friday, January 27th, 2017

New Year Resolutions Remember last year when you said you would make changes next year? Well, next year has arrived, so why not take advantage of it? Instead of falling into the same routine of making a New Year’s resolution and not keeping it, set yourself up for success by changing some of your habits.

It’s no secret that January is the month of change. Most people set goals for losing weight and eating healthier, but by March, those goals are history. Here are a few changes college students can make to start their year off fresh and eventually lead them to success: (more…)

Why the Millennial Generation Chooses CTBest Apartments

Posted On: Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

rentalsResearchers define the millennial generation as anyone born between 1978 and the late 90s. The bulk of this generation has graduated college, while the rest are just finishing up. No matter what the situation, millennials feel economically challenged with student loan debt and/or the fact that their bills are higher than their pay. At CTBest Apartments, we know that the cost of living doubled with desire to live life to its fullest is a struggle for many young people in today’s society.

Due to the ever-changing job market and the ability to move geographical locations, millennials are turning more toward renting than owning. They are looking for affordable apartments with functional layouts and simple amenities. A variety of open floor plans such as studios and up to three bedroom apartments are available from CTBest. Listed below are amenities that CTBest offers in different complexes that appeal to the millennial generation: (more…)

Welcome to the Magical World of Harry Potter—at Yale

Posted On: Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Yale vs HogwartsIn 1998, J.K. Rowling released her infamous book series, Harry Potter, which took millions of kids’ imaginations by storm. Who knew 18 years later, those eager children who longed to be a graduate of Hogwarts could attend a university that is the closest real-life school to Hogwarts that one can get.  Like Harry Potter, lucky high school seniors are summoned from their former life with an acceptance letter to an Ivy League school. Here are some uncanny ways in which Yale resembles Hogwarts: (more…)

Winter in the City – Why it’s Refreshing!

Posted On: Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Winter in the cityStepping outside in the frigid Connecticut air, it may be difficult to remember why winter in the city is something to be thankful for. Besides being ready with all sorts of ice and snow activities, the chilled atmosphere is much more enjoyable for many than a hot, humid and sticky summer day in the crowded streets of downtown. Get to know your surrounding cities when the air is crisp and the twinkling lights create a relaxing, magical feel.

City life comes with distinct odors. While there are fresh flower aromas and whiffs of delicious food on every corner, there are also scents of less appealing matter. In the city, subway platforms can get over 90 degrees in the summer and to beat it all, there is no breeze! With winter in full swing, everyone is a little more insulated in their thick coats and solid boots. Instead of letting the cold temperatures overwhelm you, be thankful that you are saved from the not-so-friendly odors of a big, busy city. (more…)

5 Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break

Posted On: Thursday, December 15th, 2016

winter breakWinter breaks offer incredible advantages to college students, whether it is time to catch up on all the TV shows that have been missed or time to prepare for the important months ahead. The truth is, this may be one of the last times that seniors will have a large chunk of “time off”.  So, how to celebrate this little bit of freedom? We have compiled a list of ways to make the most of winter break!

  1. Enroll in winter session courses: UCONN currently offers students up to four courses throughout the winter break. This is an amazing opportunity for students to catch up on required hours or enroll in courses they normally wouldn’t take based on time shortage. While winter sessions are intense, the full credit courses are worth it! (more…)

Featured Community: Hoyt Bedford in Stamford

Posted On: Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Hoyt Bedford OutsideToday’s college students want the right location and great amenities for their apartment, but they are more budget conscious than ever before. Hoyt Bedford apartments have an affordable price point along with all the amenities you need. Located in one of the top 100 best places to live, these apartments in Stamford offer something for everyone – a convenient location in a unique town or an easy commute to nearby New York City.

Renters at Hoyt Bedford can choose from many floor plan options and sizes, including terrace studios or one, two and three bedroom apartments. Each apartment has plenty of living space and features wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors, fully-equipped kitchens, ample closet space, lots of natural light an in-home washer/dryer and a gas fireplace, per plan. Monthly rent also includes heat, hot water, cooking gas and an on-site clothes care centers. (more…)

4 Tips on Surviving as Roommates

Posted On: Thursday, December 1st, 2016

roommatesLiving with other people is hard. Whether you know them or you’re complete strangers, other people’s habits are always different from yours. Many common roommate problems arise because they don’t let each other know their preferences when it comes to certain aspects of apartment living. Whether you differ on being night owls or early risers, how to load the dishwasher or how clean common space should be, it is an adjustment to live with someone else. To help you get to know your roommate better and learn how to communicate more effectively, we’ve compiled these four tips:

  • Create a survey or questionnaire for move-in day. The day you move into your apartment is hectic and time-consuming. You may or may not have time to talk with your roommate throughout the process, but at the end of the day, there will probably be time for some communication. Prior to moving in, create a short survey or questionnaire with questions such as, “what do you do on the weekends,” “do you smoke or drink,”  “what’s your sleep schedule like,” and “how often do you clean?”  These simple questions can help resolve issues before they even arise. Learn as much as you can about your roommate so communication becomes easier and more effective down the road. (more…)

How to Overcome Finals

Posted On: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

finalsThe first day of the semester for a college student is invigorating and exciting. As time wears on, however, cooler weather is a reminder that finals are just around the corner. Dealing with the pressure of finals, especially your first year in college, can take a toll on your mind and body. Here are four quick things you can to do beat the stress of finals:

  1. Exercise: Who has time to exercise when you have three finals in one week? Taking just 30 extra minutes a few times per week for physical activity can release an overall positive feeling within the body. You will think better and have improved performance because of the endorphins that exercise releases. Take advantage of the hiking trails and parks that are close to your CTBest apartment. (more…)

Why We Love Our Morgan Manor Apartments

Posted On: Monday, October 31st, 2016

Morgan Manor Gated EntryCTBest Apartments provides the best city living spaces at the Morgan Manor apartment complex. As a high-rise complex, our residents take pride in the spacious rooms and find that the private balcony is secretly their happy place. Set in the peaceful neighborhood of Strawberry Hill, yet only minutes from downtown Stamford, Morgan Manor offers the best of both worlds.

Morgan Manor is proud to be built with solid construction so renters are able to enjoy the peace and quiet of their home. Due to the reserved nature of your apartment, don’t forget that entertainment is just a 10 minute walk down the road. Morgan Manor is conveniently located near I-95 and Merritt Parkway so shopping, restaurants, and business are nearby. Bedford Street also offers bars, restaurants, shopping areas, and more. Stamford Transportation Center is one mile from the complex and the beach is just around the corner. (more…)