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5 Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Enjoying life is easy in Connecticut, especially when you live in one of our great communities. Connecticut's public schools consistently rank at the top nationwide, the state is home to many major employers, and there's so many ways to have fun.

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5 Easy DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Posted On: Thursday, December 19th, 2019

The holidays are a time for showing others you care whether that be your family, friends, co-workers or apartment neighbors. However, if the hectic holiday season has you in a rush to find last-minute gifts, there is no need to worry. Our CTBest team has rounded up a few quick and easy DIY holiday gifts that are perfect for anyone on your gift-giving list.

Movie and Popcorn

Movies and popcorn just go together, so give your gift recipients the gift of both! Pick up a festive flick or a movie you know they’ll love and pair it with a few packs of popcorn and some movie theatre candy. Tie everything together with a bow for a cozy and effortless at-home holiday movie night that anyone would love. (more…)

Host a CTBest Friendsgiving

Posted On: Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Whether you’re staying out or heading home to spend the day with family, the days leading up to Thanksgiving provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy the company of friends while overeating everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving foods. Thankfully, the popular mashup holiday of “Friendsgiving” offers an opportunity to do just that! So, before you head home, gather your friends and get ready for a feast. We’ve created a guide to help you host a Friendsgiving in your CTBest apartment.


When it comes to inviting guests, only invite as many people as your apartment can handle. The last thing you want is for your guests to feel cramped and uncomfortable in your home. Consider factors like seating arrangements and where guests will hang out beforehand to determine how many people to invite. As far as invitations go, keep it informal by calling up friends or sending a mass text or email. (more…)

Renting in the Fall and Winter

Posted On: Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

Moving into a new apartment in the fall and winter months can be less than ideal. The days are shorter, the weather is colder and moving around the busy holiday season can be challenging. While renting in the fall and winter months may be inevitable, there are a few benefits that make it well worth braving the cold.

Lower Demand

Peak apartment hunting season takes place between the months of May and September. During this time, kids are out of school and with longer days, people simply have more time on their hands to move. However, once fall and winter comes around, most people are settled into their routine and the demand to rent slows down drastically. While there may be slightly less inventory during the off-season due to slower apartment turnover, the decrease in apartment demand means that renters face less competition and are able to claim an apartment more easily. (more…)

Common First Apartment Decorating Mistakes

Posted On: Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Decorating your new apartment is one of the best parts of moving, especially for first time apartment renters. While it’s an exciting new decorating opportunity, the excitement can easily result in new renters making rookie decorating mistakes. Luckily, these common first apartment decorating mistakes can be easily avoided with a few helpful tips and a plan in mind.

Not Taking Measurements

Before spending money on furniture for your new apartment and paying for it to be delivered, it’s a good idea to make sure it will fit it the space, let alone through the front doorway. When measuring, consider both height and width. If your apartment building has an elevator that you plan to use to move furniture, make sure to measure its dimensions as well. When in doubt, go with smaller scale pieces that make the space feel bigger and that can be easily transported in and out of your apartment. (more…)

Sharing an Apartment Made Easy

Posted On: Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Sharing an apartment with roommates is a great experience. Not only does it save money, but it provides a social atmosphere that is often missed out on when living alone. However, issues with roommates can occur even in the best roommate situations. Knowing how to resolve them, or prevent them ahead of time, can make sharing an apartment easy and stress free.

Be Clear with Expectations and Set Ground Rules

Most issues that occur with roommates tend to stem from not being clear about expectations before moving in. When getting to know your roommates, try to get an understanding of what they expect from you as a roommate and vice versa. How often will you and your roommates clean? How will guests and visitors be handled? How early or late do your roommates generally go to sleep? What are your roommates’ views on pets? Asking these questions can help you and your roommates to understand each other, create compromise and establish rules ahead of time so that problems don’t arise later. (more…)

Maximizing Space in an Apartment

Posted On: Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Maximizing space is important, especially for those who live in apartments. Apartments aren’t known for having ample amounts of space or built in storage, so tenants are forced to be creative with storage and furniture arrangements. Maximizing space can sometimes be tricky, but these simple tips can help anyone transform their apartment into a spacious living space!

Under the Bed Storage

Utilizing under the bed storage is an easy way to maximize space in the bedroom, as well as freeing up much-needed closet space. Most beds typically have some sort of space underneath that can be used for storage, but bed lifts can also be easily and inexpensively bought. Use clear plastic bins or organizers to not only store away your belongings, but also make it easier to locate and access them. (more…)

Save Money this Winter with these Energy-Saving Tips

Posted On: Monday, December 5th, 2016

With winter just around the corner, it’s a good idea to get a jump-start on prepping your apartment for the cold weather ahead. We all know cold weather means higher energy bills, but you can avoid outrageous expenses just by making minor changes to your living space. Here are some tips on how to save energy during the frigid months:

  1.       Change the lighting. Lighting is one of the easiest ways to start saving energy. Replacing frequently used light fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs can save you between $65 and $75 each year. Energy-efficient bulbs, such as LEDs, last longer and provided the durability that is needed in the winter months.
  2.       Change the thermostat. If you have a programmable thermostat, automatically adjust the temperature settings when you’re away or sleeping. If a programmable thermostat is not an option, you can manually turn the heat down whenever you leave or go to bed. By setting a recurring reminder on your phone, it will quickly become habitual. (more…)

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

Posted On: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

When it coneighborsmes to getting to know neighbors, it’s natural to want to avoid the awkward conversations for as long as possible.  Much of the stress that is related to apartment living goes back to issues with neighbors, so getting to know the residents that surround you can make your life a lot easier. By simply saying hello, giving a small gift or hosting a get together in the party room (or clubhouse) of your complex can open your world up to new possibilities.

As strange as you may feel knocking on your neighbors’ doors and saying hello while bringing them a baked good, you will feel even more foolish beating on their door telling them to keep the noise down. Aside from your insecurities, an effortless greeting to a stranger never hurt anyone. There will be some residents who may give you a weird look, while the rest will be thankful for the kind smile. Having good neighbors gives you a sense of community and it also allows for open communication. When you know your neighbors, you learn their habits and attain a sense of their personalities. This information benefits you by giving you guidance on how to handle issues that arise within the complex. For example, if your upstairs neighbor works during the night, you know that your nights will be quiet, but you may hear stirring around throughout the early morning hours. (more…)

2016 Connecticut Summer Bucket List

Posted On: Monday, May 23rd, 2016

2016 Connecticut Summer Bucket List With summer here, there is no better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by completing a summer bucket list! CTBest Apartments has the best locations near tons of activities and attractions you could put on your list to make this summer one to remember. To name a few, here are some ideas to include on your summer bucket list this year:

Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Located near our Stamford apartment communities, families are welcome to come to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. There are a variety of things to do from seeing animals on the farm, enjoying nature on a winding walking  trail, going to the observatory and planetarium and so much more. Be sure to visit this summer for some family fun! (more…)

Pros of Renting: Amenities

Posted On: Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Pros of Renting AmenitiesWe’ve already talked about the many benefits of renting an apartment, so let’s discuss one of the best things you’ll get when you choose to live the apartment life: amenities.

Having access to many amenities that you otherwise would not have is a huge cash saver and stress reducer. Luxuries such as a pool and fitness center are convenient, and things such as included heat and hot water save you a lot of money when it comes time to pay the bills. Even purchasing the necessary appliances such as washers and dryers can put a strain on your wallet, and if they break then you’re on your own.

By including the following amenities in many of our apartments and communities, CTBest Apartments provides our residents with a top-notch living experience: (more…)