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Winter at the Beach in Norwalk

Winter at the Beach in Norwalk

Norwalk BeachesLooking for a little winter vacation? While a warm and sunny destination is a great way to escape the winter blues, there’s also something special about cold-destination beaches in the wintertime. Norwalk is home to two fantastic beaches, Calf Pasture and Shady Beach, both of which offer dramatic landscapes and winter experiences of a lifetime. Norwalk is also near other popular attractions like Jennings Beach, Sherwood Island State Park and Maritime Aquarium.

The crash of black waves on a moonlit night is a magical sight in winter. The seascape is beautiful, and so are the benefits of an off-season visit: no crowds, no costly parking fees, and the beaches are open to all. While the beach and town may be a bit quieter in the winter, there are still plenty of restaurants, shops and museums to visit. Even the ocean itself is different during the colder months of the year. The beaches in Norwalk are often overlooked and yet they’re just as much fun, less crowded and easier to get to than the overly crowded, expensive beaches in New York or New Jersey. What are some of the simple and distinctive aspects that visiting the beach in the wintertime can give you?

Deserted Getaways

During the warm weather, locals and visitors alike flock to beaches. The water may be cold in the winter, but walking along the shore in the sand, and even tromping through the snow just a few feet away, can be invigorating. You may have to add more layers in the winter, but seclusion on the sand is worth it. Visit Norwalk’s beach towns in winter and you’ll find total quiet, a much slower pace and plenty of time to read, nap and relax. In addition, less crowded beaches mean more unique and gorgeous sea-shells.

Better Deals

During the bustling summer months, Calf Pasture has a parking fee for non-residents, but during the colder months, parking is free! If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, you may have the entire hotel, inn, or rental to yourself. Off season, many hotels and inns are deeply discounted. You’ll likely be able to save half as much and stay twice as long!

More Opportunities

The truth is, locals are more relaxed in the winter. Visit a Norwalk seaside town in winter and you may find yourself having dinner in someone’s home or cocktails on their boat. Act like a local in winter and you’ll likely find locals-only opportunities opening up. In addition, you’ll also get to experience a new world of local cuisine, and plenty of new favorite dishes at restaurants such as SoNo Harbor Deli and Café, SoNo Seaport Seafood, Donovan’s and Washington Prime.

Visit Norwalk Beaches in the Winter

One of the best features of Norwalk is that if the beaches become too much, there is always plenty to do in town. The off-season is the perfect time to enjoy SoNo and anytime is a good time to shop and eat, so hit up the local unique gift shops and restaurants that line the town.

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