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Welcome to the Magical World of Harry Potter—at Yale

Welcome to the Magical World of Harry Potter—at Yale

Yale vs HogwartsIn 1998, J.K. Rowling released her infamous book series, Harry Potter, which took millions of kids’ imaginations by storm. Who knew 18 years later, those eager children who longed to be a graduate of Hogwarts could attend a university that is the closest real-life school to Hogwarts that one can get.  Like Harry Potter, lucky high school seniors are summoned from their former life with an acceptance letter to an Ivy League school. Here are some uncanny ways in which Yale resembles Hogwarts:

  • The simple look of Yale is enough for anyone to see the similarities to Hogwarts. As the third-oldest college in America, the campus is full of towers, courtyards, arches and breathtaking gothic architecture. Harkness Tower and Sterling Memorial Library are the two most recognized buildings on campus. And don’t forget Yale Commons, which has some remarkable features that are all too similar to the Great Hall. The architecture is only the beginning, as there is also a “forbidden forest” among the campus. The New Haven Green is a place many wish to venture at night in search of an unexpected adventure.
  • Hogwarts Castle contains many secret passageways and since Yale is home to some of the country’s oldest university buildings, it too boasts of tunnels and secret passages. Travel underground and up spiral stairs between Bass and Sterling libraries. Take the tunnel system beneath Payne Whitney or take the corridors that connect the Saybrook and Branford sides of Vanderbilt Hall. Any door at Yale may lead students to a new tunnel system they never knew existed.
  • One of the most memorable times for new freshman at Yale will be the notorious sorting routine. This is where the administration of the institution places incoming students in one of twelve residential colleges. Much like the sorting hat in Harry Potter where students are placed in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.
  • Yale is stereotyped for its academic excellence and is said to be more bookish than most colleges. Ravenclaw was also home to the pretentious intellectuals of Hogwarts. Both establishments promote values like intelligence, originality and creativity.
  • Secret societies, Yule Balls and Quidditch teams are all prominent at Yale and Hogwarts. Yale’s secret societies (Skull & Bones, Book & Snake, Scroll & Key) are scattered amongst the castle-like buildings; perhaps one is the hidden headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix or the Room of Requirement. Quidditch is the uniting force at Hogwarts; it’s no coincidence that the sports-spirited fans at Yale also have their own Quidditch team.

Hop aboard the Hogwarts Express (or New Haven Express), put on your wizard robes (or thick winter coat) and travel to the campus that will take you to the magical world of Harry Potter! There’s even a popular course called “Christian Theology and Harry Potter;” be sure to request your spot early in your college career.

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