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Ways to Find A Roommate

Ways to Find A Roommate

Sometimes the most stressful part of planning to move into a new apartment isn’t budgeting costs or figuring out moving plans, its finding someone to live with. Finding a roommate can be difficult, especially for those who may not be from the area or know anyone there. Luckily, thanks to the interconnectedness of today’s technology, there are several platforms to help make the roommate search process a whole lot easier.


Craigslist is the world’s largest classified section online, which makes it a great place to find just about anything, including roommates. On Craigslist, users can either enter a listing of their own, or browse other listings that are already created. The amount and type of info that is posted depends on the user. The key here is to search for postings that are thorough with details about what the poster is looking for. The more detailed information that is posted, the more high-quality and legitimate the poster likely is.


If you’re looking for something a bit more credible, try Roomates.com. This well-established roommate matching site serves cities across the United States by using an automated matching system to help match users to listings that are the most relevant to them and what they are looking for. All users have to do is put down whether they have a room that is available, or whether they are searching for one. From there, users can browse, search and message potential roommates. While the site is free, more extensive features require users to pay for an account.


Don’t discount social media when roommate hunting. Facebook can be a useful source for finding roommates, and there are many ways to go about it. Those who are already from or living in the intended area can post a status update asking if anybody is looking for a roommate. Friends can share the post, or tag people they know that may be interested. Finding a roommate through friends or acquaintances is a great way to find someone that may be more compatible. For a more narrowly tailored search, join specific Facebook groups or pages for the intended city or apartment complex and post the status there. Many universities also have Facebook groups just for students to meet and find roommates through as well.

When searching for a roommate online, it is important to be cautious. Make sure to meet with any potential roommates in a public setting and ensure that they are legit before signing any documents or sending any money. Also, do research through social media on potential roommates to cross-check any information that is given, and to get a better idea about whether they’d be a good fit.

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