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Top 10 Hottest Jobs for College Graduates

Top 10 Hottest Jobs for College Graduates

job after collegeColleges and universities across the nation are entering the months of preparation for spring graduation. For seniors who received a job offer during their internships, this can be an exciting time. But for those seniors in their last semester without a post-graduation plan, this could be a few panic-driven months.

If you’re graduating from college in just a few short months with no employment plan in site, the career experts at Zippia have found the 10 best jobs for recent college graduates in Connecticut, in hopes of helping students finding a job in a desired field. These findings were based on job availability, location, salary, growth and work-life balance:

  1. Epic Consultant - With a major in Computer Science, an EC is someone who organizes plans and prioritizes work or updates and disseminates work information. The starting salary for this position is $59,880 a year.
  2. Computer/Process Engineer – Students majoring in Industrial Engineering have the opportunity to apply for this position as someone who makes decisions and solves problems in the work place. They will interpret data to help form decisions. Starting yearly salary is $58,420.
  3. Counselor – This is a position many students know they want early in their college career. With a Masters in School Counseling, a counselor provides general counseling by helping to solve problems, maintaining interpersonal relationships and more. The beginning salary starts at $28,320.
  4. Business Analyst - A Business Analyst analyzes data and information while creating clear and concise business requirement documents. The starting salary is typically $53,680 depending on whether students received a Bachelor’s Degree or Masters in Business Administration.
  5. Job Coach - As the title suggests, a coach is someone who helps people with their career development, professional goals and long-term workplace success. With a Masters Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, a starting salary for this position is $26,960 a year.
  6. Case Manager – For students wanting a Case Manager position, they have the option of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, Gerontology or Social Work. Case Managers help people who are in difficult situations with advice, while also helping them find the help they need. They work in many aspects of people’s lives like those with disabilities, addicts, nursing, or the homeless. Beginning salary is $28,000 a year.
  7. Resident Advisor – With a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree, a Resident Advisor has a starting salary of $19,680 a year. The Resident Advisor provides support, encouragement and leadership to their community. The RA should be able to empower their residents to grow and develop as good citizens.
  8. Database Administrator – A person in this position directs and performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. They are in charge of the creation, maintenance, backups, querying and security of the company’s database. A Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems is usually required for this position, which typically has a starting salary of $48,380.
  9. Web Developer – Beginning at $36,900 a year, and with an Associate’s degree in Web Design, a Web Developer creates and maintains web sites and is responsible for the site’s technical aspects.
  10. Systems Administrator - Systems Administrators are responsible for their company’s computer networks, which include the day-to-day operations, as well as installation and maintenance of the networks. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is required for this position and starting pay is around $57,000 a year.

Graduating from college and entering the job market is supposed to be a life-changing experience as you make new decisions and continue the path to building your future. Connecticut is seeing a huge growth and demand for computer, technological and business jobs, an important fact for college students to keep in mind as they select their majors and begin to enter the job market after graduation.

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