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Tips on Registering for the Spring 2019 Semester at UConn

Tips on Registering for the Spring 2019 Semester at UConn

Registering for Spring Semester at UConnIt’s hard to believe that October 22 is the opening day for registering for the Spring 2019 semester at UConn! As most college students know, choosing classes in college is a lot different than in high school. UConn offers hundreds of classes and it’s up to you to strategize a successful plan that fits into your academic schedule. Throughout the years, we have housed thousands of college students and there are some of strategies we’ve learned over the years to help make registration as easy as possible for the upcoming semester.

Look at All the Options

UConn offers a variety of courses for each semester. The first step is to determine your major and know the requirements for that specific field. Full-time students are required to register for at least 12 credits each semester but there are other rules concerning the maximum number of credit students can take. For example, engineering, fine arts and pharmacy students can only take 19 hours unless there are special circumstances that are approved by the advisor or academic dean. Review UConn’s course catalog and choose courses that fulfill general requirements in that area. If you are undecided in your major, take classes in subjects that interest you and possibly also meet other general requirements.

Create a Personal Schedule That Works for You

As mentioned above, full-time students are required to have 12 credits each semester which means you are aiming to sign up for four to six classes. Write down the classes that you want or need and spread them out over the week so that you have time for studying, work and downtime. Always create your own schedule before registering for the class so that you don’t double book yourself. The good news is that UConn offers you the first few weeks of the semester to change your classes if you see that they are not working out.

Meet With your Advisor

Advisors are assigned to you for a reason. They are there to help guide you through your college journey. Always try to make an appointment with your advisor before registration. Come prepared with questions and a list of classes you want to take. If your advisor cannot help you, reach out to the professors of the classes and they can help assist with your questions.

Register Early

It’s important to register on the day the student administration system opens. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to get the classes you want a need. Also, if a problem arises, you have enough time to find a solution. It’s always smart to create a list of back-up classes in case the class you want or need is not available for the semester.

There are several tips and tricks when registering for the upcoming Spring 2019 semester at UConn. UConn’s Stamford campus is just minutes from apartments at 77 and 65 Prospect Street, The Morgan and Hoyt Bedford. For more information about our apartment rentals in Stamford, contact our Leasing Consultant, Desiree Ligouri at 203-223-1665. You can also stop by the Leasing Center in Stamford at 112 Hoyt Street or call the Leasing Center at 203-325-3848.

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