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The Benefits of CTBest Online Resident Portals

The Benefits of CTBest Online Resident Portals

CTBest Online Resident PortalsMost of us have the convenience of life right in our hands through our cell phones and tablets. Digital technology is such an integrated part of our lives that more improvements are being developed on a daily basis. By providing a more efficient way to deal with the burden of daily, weekly, or monthly tasks, technological advancements are constantly upgrading our way of living. Our resident portal is an online platform designed to make our renter’s lives easier by providing an outlet to pay rent online. Many of our renters pay through the portal, but there are still many more using checks, cash and bank transfers to pay rent. What are the benefits of our online portal? If you haven’t tried the platform, you’re missing out!

Pay Your Rent Online

Our online rent payment portal gives residents a place to instantly pay rent, right from their couch without fees or delays that can occur when using traditional payment methods such as transfers and checks. This portal is also a great way for you to keep track of your balance and payments!

Place a Deposit

If you’re looking for a way to hold onto your cash when setting up your security deposit, we offer the perfect solution. Our CTBest team has partnered with Sure Deposit to provide residents with an attractive alternative. Simply pay a onetime non-refundable low-cost premium, instead of a traditional security deposit. Of course, we still offer a deposit portal for a more traditional method. When a resident chooses to use the Sure Deposit program, Sure Deposit issues a financial guarantee bond that replaces conventional security deposits. Sure Deposit guarantees the performance of a resident according to the terms of a signed lease agreement.

Online Applications

Filling out an application for any of our great Norwalk, Branford or Stamford apartments is easier than ever with our online application portal. An online application saved you both time and effort as it removes the tedious task of scanning, faxing and emailing. Our online application creates a faster turnaround for prospective renters because there is no room for incomplete forms. We get the information we need immediately!

Ease and Convenience

The best benefit of using our online portals is the simplicity and convenience. It only takes a few clicks to provide vital information for renting one of our great apartments. Our renters can contact us directly, pay rent, place deposits and fill out applications all on one site!

If you’re ready to navigate our online portals, go to our website at www.ctbestapts.com where you will find tabs such as contact us, online rent payment, online applications and more. If you’re interested in an apartment in Stamford, Branford or Norwalk, click on any of the community links under Find Your Apartment or call Desiree at 203-223-1665 for additional information.

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