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Splitting Expenses with Roommates – There’s an App for That

Splitting Expenses with Roommates – There’s an App for That

Roommate AppsHaving roommates has lots of great benefits, but it also requires compromise and open communication. Keeping the money flow even among roommates seems to be a common problem. To help alleviate stress, we’ve found some useful apps for roommates that will divide expenses evenly, whether it’s rent, groceries or dinner and a movie. With these apps, you can stop any conflicts before they occur.

These apps split costs automatically and track who has paid and who hasn’t. You can even send IOU reminders directly from the app to your roommate. We have found apps that are perfect for roommates who want to avoid the back and forth drama, who just want to spiltbills easily, and for those who want to be really fair about splitting all costs.

  • Splitwise is a great app for sharing rent, utilities and other bills with roommates. Use the app to track IOUs, send email reminders to those who owe you a repayment and to see balances. This is an iPhone application, but you can split bills with Android users. Another handy feature is that Splitwise is available in over a dozen languages.
  • SpotMe is a colorful iOS app that goes social with Facebook optimization and free group messaging. Split bills with roommates and then track balances to ensure that you get paid back. You can track group balances and individual IOUs, split bills evenly or create custom splits and send reminders to those who still owe you money.
  • Settle Up! bill splitting and IOU track app for iOS costs a little more than others mentioned, but some of the screens show more at-a-glance information that makes it worth two dollars. This app is great for splitting the cost of family parties, rent and other bills with roommates or for when a group of co-workers pitches in for a gift. This app is also easily paired with Android devices.
  • IOU helps you keep track of all your debts to your roomies. You can upload expenses, share them equally among your housemates, and send each other email reminders. You can even add recurring IOUs for monthly bills or create a payment plan for big purchases.

To help with sharing expenses, use one of these apps to keep track of your expenses and payments, and then use it in conjunction with Venmo, SquareCash, or PayPal. Gone is the excuse that a roommate “doesn’t have cash” on them as Venmo and PayPal can easily solve that issue. These free apps let you send money from a debit account to friends. The app also lets you request money letting your roommates know that money is due.

If you’ve been using an App with roommates, share with us which one it is and how it helps! Visit us online at http://ctbestapts.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more helpful roommate tips.

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