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Sharing an Apartment Made Easy

Sharing an Apartment Made Easy

Sharing an apartment with roommates is a great experience. Not only does it save money, but it provides a social atmosphere that is often missed out on when living alone. However, issues with roommates can occur even in the best roommate situations. Knowing how to resolve them, or prevent them ahead of time, can make sharing an apartment easy and stress free.

Be Clear with Expectations and Set Ground Rules

Most issues that occur with roommates tend to stem from not being clear about expectations before moving in. When getting to know your roommates, try to get an understanding of what they expect from you as a roommate and vice versa. How often will you and your roommates clean? How will guests and visitors be handled? How early or late do your roommates generally go to sleep? What are your roommates’ views on pets? Asking these questions can help you and your roommates to understand each other, create compromise and establish rules ahead of time so that problems don’t arise later.

Know What is Divided and What is Shared

When living with roommates, it’s important to set boundaries regarding what belongs to each specific person versus what can be shared among the apartment. Food and other personal items typically belong to each specific person, while silverware, cookware or cleaning supplies are more likely to be shared. Take the time to discuss what is shared and what is not before moving in. If needed, organize your kitchen, cabinets and pantry in a way that everyone’s belongings are labeled or placed together to avoid any confusion.

Be Considerate

Sharing a space with others means being considerate of others. Cleaning up after cooking a meal isn’t the most exciting task, but you’d probably be annoyed if your roommates left their dirty pots, pans and dishes on the counter. If you know your roommate has an early morning test, it may not be the best idea to throw a late-night party the night before. Be respectful and when in doubt, treat others how you would like to be treated. If you wouldn’t appreciate it, most likely your roommates wouldn’t either.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Open communication is key to getting along with roommates. Talk about everything ahead of time and layout expectations upfront, as well talk through problems and situations as they occur. Confrontation can be scary, but it’s sometimes needed. Your roommates can’t read your mind or know how you’re feeling. If you have a problem or something that needs to be addressed, then its best to openly address it and calmly talk through it. Not only will this open line of communication resolve problems, but it also builds trust among you and your roommates.

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