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Quickly Make Your CTBest Apartment Appear Clean and Inviting

Quickly Make Your CTBest Apartment Appear Clean and Inviting

Clean Your CTBest Apartment

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s a strong possibility that you’ll receive some surprise guests at your CTBest apartment.  To make it look like you have your life together, you know you must make your apartment look clean and feel inviting. Here are a few tips beyond just stashing clutter in baskets and closets to quickly make your apartment look cleaner. Some of these will make your apartment look better and others will help to make your guests feel as at home as possible.

Start in the Kitchen: Clean off the counters, take out the trash, and do the dishes. No time to do the dishes? Either put them in the dishwasher or in a sink filled with water. Continue around the other public areas of your home and do a quick pick up. This will at least give your home the appearance of being neat and clean.

Wipe Down Surfaces: Grab a microfiber cloth and wet it, and wipe down surfaces throughout the house. This can get gunk off counters in the kitchen and dust off other surfaces.

Clean Floors: Clean floors help your guests not feel dirty walking around with socks or barefoot. If you have hardwoods and carpet, only vacuum. Using only a vacuum cuts the time it takes to sweep and vacuum, and a vacuum can be used on multiple floor surfaces.

Touch Up the Bathroom: Be sure to clean up any toothpaste from the sink, make sure there is toilet paper and put a little bleach in the toilet bowl. There is nothing worse than a lack of toilet paper in an unfamiliar bathroom. Be sure to put a few extra rolls out so guests can grab some if they need it. Quick touch ups in the bathroom go a long way.

Fluff the Apartment: Light candles, add extra towels, blankets and pillows to the room. Fluff your pillows and fold up blankets to create an inviting atmosphere. If you have time, add a small basket or bin to the guest room with essentials for their stay. Toiletries, towels, wash clothes, extra blankets, and anything else you think they may need or may have forgotten.

Keeping to these basics and working swiftly are how you can quickly make your apartment look cleaner and inviting to surprise guests. You can use these tips to clean your Connecticut apartment any time you are running low on time. For more information on Branford, Norwalk or Stamford apartments, give leasing consultant Desiree a call or text at 203-223-1665 or visit www.CTBestApts.com.

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