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Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Nothing quite matches the look and feel of gleaming hardwoods. However, with great surfaces comes great responsibility. Hardwoods are prone to damage and maintaining their beauty requires a bit of TLC. For those with hardwoods in their apartment, or those looking to move into an apartment with hardwoods, here are a few simple care tips to help you protect your hardwood floors.

Cover with Rugs

Area rugs aren’t just for decorative purposes. Large area rugs are designed with protection in mind and are incredible at preventing scrapes and scratches. Lay area rugs in locations that have high foot traffic like entryways, or place them in areas where furniture may be easily bumped and moved. Find one that best fits the area you’re placing it in and your style while avoiding rubber-backed rugs that may trap in unwanted moisture.

Kick of Your Shoes

Pointy high heels, stylish heeled boots and athletic cleats are notorious for damaging hardwood floors. Even unsuspecting soft bottom shoes can track in and grind dirt into the wood with a sandpaper-like effect. To prevent wear and tear from your own two feet, create a system of leaving your shoes by the door when you come inside. This not only prevents hardwood damages, but it can help keep your floors clean and you’ll also always have your shoes ready to go when you leave your apartment.

Be Careful with Furniture

While there is nothing wrong with moving around furniture, be mindful of the impact it could have on your hardwood floors. Avoid dragging or pushing items and try to pick them up instead. For heavier items like beds, tables, couches or dressers, consider placing furniture pads underneath the feet for a clean and scratch-free move. Remove the furniture pads or keep them in place for everyday use.

Trim Pets Nails

While you may love living with your furry friend, you probably don’t love the damage they can do to your hardwood floor. Long or sharp nails can produce lots of scratches on the floor, so make sure your pets nails are properly groomed and maintained. If you pet has an accident on your hardwood floors, clean it up immediately to avoid unpleasant effects like staining or warping.

Use Proper Cleaning Supplies

Floor protection isn’t just about preventing scratches. The cleaning supplies you use can also have an effect on hardwood surfaces. Certain cleaning supplies may contain excess moisture or harmful chemicals that could negatively impact hard surfaces. Use gentle, hardwood cleaners like Bona and never use vacuums designed for carpet. Instead, opt for a soft bristle broom to sweep and a spray mop or damp mop to clean.

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