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Organize Your CTBest Kitchen

Organize Your CTBest Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in any apartment, which means it’s also likely to be the messiest. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, staying organized and using space effectively can be challenging. Here are a few kitchen solutions to help you organize your CTBest kitchen:

Hang Things with Hooks

Fumbling through messy draws of cooking utensils isn’t ideal, especially when cooking a meal. Instead, try mounting hooks above the stove or on the side of a cabinet for a much more organized and convenient kitchen set up. In addition to cooking utensils, you can also use hooks to hang potholders, gloves or rags for easy access.

Store at the Top of the Cabinet

Don’t let that awkward space between the top of your cabinet and the ceiling become the eyesore of your kitchen. Fill the gap with cookbooks, decorative pieces or large kitchen appliances. If you’re looking to keep those extra kitchen supplies out of sight, place them in baskets on top of the kitchen cabinet for a clean and simplified look.

Add Freestanding Shelves

If you don’t have a lot of shelf space in your apartment, bring in your own shelf. Metal shelves are easy to assemble and can store everything from pots and pans to large kitchen appliances and bulkier food items. Depending on the height and style of your shelf, you can also lay a cutting board across the top shelf for extra counter space for cooking and entertaining.

Store Items in Bins

Pantries and cabinets can become easily cluttered with small items. Instead of rummaging through shelf after shelf to find what you need, store your items in storage bins and label them however you wish. If you live with roommates, this is an especially good way of keeping your food both organized and separate from one another.

Office Supplies

Office supplies in the kitchen? Surprisingly, many office storage pieces can be easily converted for kitchen use. A basic dividing file rack can be placed in a cabinet to create an organizer for baking sheets, cooling racks and cutting boards. Metal file folder racks can be hung inside pantries or cabinets to store grocery bags, and magazine racks can be used to store all kinds of pantry items. Be creative with your space and find unique ways to organize your Stamford apartment kitchen!

At CTBest, our apartments in Stamford come with spacious, updated kitchens that range from contemporary to modern styles. To learn more about the kitchen features offered at out apartment communities, text Desiree at 203-223-1665 or visit CTBestApts.com.

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