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Organize and Declutter your CTBest Apartment with The KonMari Method

Organize and Declutter your CTBest Apartment with The KonMari Method

CTBest Apartments KonMari MethodForget everything you’ve been taught about tidying up and decluttering because Japanese tidiness expert and space healer Marie Kondo just took the world by storm in her new Netflix series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”.Due to the instant popularity of the KonMari method, many CTBest residents are taking their extra time indoors to organize and clean their home for the New Year.

The best way to begin organization and decluttering is with the KonMari method. Getting rid of your possessions can be painful, especially if you attach emotion and memory to them. The KonMari method recognizes those emotional attachments and teaches you how to know when to hold onto something and when to let it go. Without binge watchingthe Netflix series, we have put together our own approach on how to incorporate the KonMari method when decluttering and organizing your CTBestapartment.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

You’ll want to start by decluttering each room of your apartment. If you haven’t used that kitchen gadget or worn that shirt in a full calendar year, it can probably go; after all, there’s no sense in organizing it when it’s not being used. The first step in KonMari instructs you to physically hold or touch the items in your house as you attempt to clean up clutter and get more organized. Then ask yourself the following question: does it spark joy? Items that spark true joy won’t always be rational.

As the expert suggests, begin decluttering in the closets by thinning out what is stored in them as much as possible and replace clear bins with opaque ones. Make sure all hangers match, the remaining clothes are organized by color and the floor are as clear as possible. The KonMari method suggests a starting point by gathering up every single clothing item in the house, put it in one pile in the middle of the floor, and pick up each item to decide whether or not to keep it.


The popular KonMari method has two parts: declutter/discard and organization. When discarding, Kondo says, that you must begin with clothes, followed by books, papers, miscellany, and mementos. Within those categories, there’s a further breakdown, for example, in the clothing category you move from tops to bottoms, jackets, socks and so on. Kondo also believes that you should treat your objects well, almost like they’re living things. With her specific folding method, clothes get carefully folded and stacked for ultimate organization while keeping your clothing in top shape.

It’s not just about clothes storage, though. The KonMari method stresses having a place for each item. Once you’ve significantly streamlined your possessions, put them back in an orderly way. The theory is that when everything has a place, it will get put back in the place, keeping your home tidy – permanently.

Spark Joy in Your CTBest Apartment

Research suggests there are many health benefits to decluttering and organization. How has Marie Kondo’s pocket-sized book sold over 2 million copies and how has her Netflix series sparked millions of viewers? Because it’s legit! The KonMari method has raving reviews about how your home can instantly transform from an unmanageable mess to an ordered haven.

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