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No Need to Worry About Heat at Our Stamford Apartments

No Need to Worry About Heat at Our Stamford Apartments

Snow around Stamford apartments

No matter how much of a winter wonderland it becomes around our Stamford apartments, you will never have to worry about paying for warmth!

Our recent storm season has thankfully passed and here at the Stamford Apartment Company, we were fortunately spared most of the storm’s wrath. With the rapid drop in temperatures, there’s no doubt that winter is on our doorstep. Here at our Stamford apartments your heat is already included in the monthly rent so you don’t need worry about high heating bills.

Whether you live in Morgan Manor, Hoyt-Bedford or The Townhouse, our building’s heating system will automatically come on when the temperature falls below 65 degrees.  You can help conserve energy by removing any air conditioners from your windows, and storing them until next spring. Air conditioning units left in windows allow for cold air to enter while the warm air flows right outside. Keeping your curtains or blinds open during the day to allow sunlight to warm your apartment, and then closing them at night to keep out the cold is also a time-honored practice here in the northeast. 

Some of our residents who are new to the area and this part of the country may find the cold weather and lower temperatures a surprise at first. But with outside temperatures that can easily reach and stay in the 20s and 30s for weeks at a time, setting the inside temps too high can result in sore throats, coughs and head colds. Much better to dress for the weather, then you can enjoy everything the season has to offer!

As a reminder, the Hoyt-Bedford leasing center on Hoyt Street in downtown Stamford is open seven days a week to accept your donated items for our annual food drive benefitting Fairfield County residents. Once our collection box is filled, we’ll be bringing the food over to the Food Bank on Glenbrook Road.  We hope to have the box filled and delivered by mid-November in time to have the donated items distributed to local residents for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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