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Must Have Apps for College Students

Must Have Apps for College Students

AppsThanks to the fact that we are living in the smart phone generation, apps are one easy way that college students can prioritize and become more productive. While Facebook and Instagram allow you to keep up socially, there are also apps out there that can help organize your chaotic life.

Whether you need help with references for papers, studying or scheduling, there’s an app available that will assist in putting an end to your procrastination.

  • RefME is an app that helps you cite a source. It does the hard stuff and instantly collects sources fast and keeps them organized in groups. There are multiple ways to find the information you are looking for and once it’s found, there is a feature that allows you to export the information directly to Word using proper citation.
  • inClass is a free app for iPhone users that need help capturing materials shared in the classroom without missing the professor’s lectures. Features of this app allow students to record audio, take text or video notes and even create images of slides or handouts.
  • Skype may be considered a communication app, but it’s also a wonderful study tool. When it’s late, cold or last minute, Skype can be the light at the end of the tunnel. Chat with classmates or study buddies while they send you a file. Need a tutor? Skype offers a great tutoring session for students who can’t travel or tutors that don’t make house calls.
  • Sunrise takes your default calendar app to another level by offering a feature that allows you to view your entire schedule for the next few days. There are icons available that let you know whether your events are classes, meeting, work, etc.
  • MyWater is an app that does just as the name states; it keeps track of the water you’re drinking. Staying hydrated is important for multiple reasons, from brain function to your overall health. This app allows you to set your daily goal, what size bottle you’re using and has reminders that will go off throughout the day to encourage you to drink more.
  • Dropbox or Google Drive are essential apps to have as a college student. When your laptop crashes or documents disappear, these apps will save your life. Store all of your important stuff in these apps, and easily access them from anywhere.

There are millions of apps available for smart phones, and many colleges have even gone on their own mobile craze and created their own apps. The University of Connecticut has an app, myUCONN, which allows students to access their academics, athletics, dining and more.  Yale University also has an app that helps students stay connected anytime and anywhere.

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