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Millennials and Boomers Renting– What Has Changed?

Millennials and Boomers Renting– What Has Changed?

millenials and boomersIt’s not current news that millennials feel economically challenged with student loan debt and/or the fact that their bills are higher than their pay. Due to the ever-changing job market and the ability to move geographical locations, a recent study published on Probuilder.com stated that millennials feel like they have to rent. Millennials like the convenience of city living, but they don’t feel confident enough to buy. The study also had an interesting reveal – boomers want to rent rather than own!

According to Probuilder.com and a March 2018 study of renters from Freddie Mac found that renters reported being in better financial shape renting rather than housing. The article states, “Baby Boomers are helping to drive up the desire to rent instead of own, with 35 percent saying they have no interest in owning a home. Three-quarters of millennials, on the other hand, are currently renting out of financial need than desire.”

Regardless of the age difference, renters are looking for affordable apartments with functional layouts and simple amenities. A variety of open floor plans such as studios and up to three bedroom apartments are available from CTBest. Listed below are amenities that CTBest offers in different complexes that appeal to all generations:

  • Complexes located near restaurants, bars, cafés, shopping and parks.
  • Complexes with some utilities included (heat, hot water, cooking gas, etc.)
  • Fully equipped fitness centers to cut out the gym membership expense.
  • Complexes that are within walking distance to several mass transportation options.
  • Decks, patios and balconies are featured on many complexes.
  • Washers and dryers are available either in the apartments or in convenient on-site clothes care centers.
  • Available Wi-Fi in some communities.

Affordability, flexibility and convenience are what set CTBest Apartments apart from other complexes. We offer less home maintenance, age-friendly features and conveniences to many services. According to Niche.com, Stamford ranks as No. 7 as the best places to rent in Connecticut. Stamford offers their residents an array of amenities in almost every neighborhood and they can find everything they need within a few miles of their home.

Whether you’re considered a millennial or baby boomer, if you’re looking for the perfect complex with the perfect location, call or text leasing agent Desiree at 203-223-2665 or Jessica at 203-448-9650. More information about all of our apartments can be found online at www.ctbestapts.com


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