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Mental Benefits of Owning a Pet

Mental Benefits of Owning a Pet

Benefits of Pets We all love those animal videos that make the rounds on the internet, but we can also agree that the real thing is so much better. With the chaos and stress of life so common, our pets play a key role in making it all worth it. Many of us long for our own pets as our furry best friends, lifelong companionsand instant mood-lifters, but pets aren’t always allowed at apartment complexes.

Fortunately, certain CTBest communities and plans allow residents to bring their pets with them. If you aren’t sure whether or not to get a pet and your CTBest apartment allows the breed you want, then here are some reasons owning a pet is good for your mental health.

1. Social Support

When counselors tell people suffering from depression or grief to use a support network, they don’t only mean a supportive group of human family members and friends. More and more scientific evidence is mounting that shows how pets can provide support to people of all ages suffering from all kinds of conditions. The Mental Health Foundation of the United Kingdom polled cat owners and found that 87 percent of them believed owning a cat had a positive impact on their wellbeing. Additionally, dog owners benefit from walking their dogs and staying connected to other dog owners or people who stop to talk to the dog. This keeps their owners from remaining withdrawn and from developing or worsening symptoms of depression.

2. Exercise and Time Outdoors

Walking a dog or playing with a cat toy gives you the energy boost you need and helps you let off steam. Frequent movement strengthens your muscles and bones and makes you feel more confident in yourself. Further, if you have to take your pet outside to play, you get the added benefit of Vitamin D, which has been shown to improve your mood. Even sitting and petting your dog or cat reduces stress and calms both you and your pet, so be sure to cuddle!

3. Distraction and Concentration

If you have a problem that won’t stop bugging you, focus on your pet! They provide a chance for you to engage with something other than your worries. By focusing on your pet, your mind will be taken off of the thing that is bothering you and you will not spend too much time worrying. If you can’t get the problem out of your head, talk about it with your pet! They’re excellent listeners and they love you no matter what is bothering you.

If these aren’t convincing enough, then let a dog or cat’s utter cuteness convince you, instead. Some CTBest designs and apartment complexes allow certain breeds of dogs or are cat-friendly. Visit CTBestApts.com   today to find out which apartments in Branford, Norwalk and Stamford are perfect for your fluffy friend. Call or text Desiree at 203-223-1665 or Nicole at 230-450-2628 for additional information.

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