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Men’s Apartment Essentials: Make Your CTBest Apartment the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Men’s Apartment Essentials: Make Your CTBest Apartment the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Bachelor PadChances are if you’re a single man living in one of our fine CTBest apartments in Stamford, Norwalk or Branford, you already have a sweet crib with essentials like a large HD flat-screen TV, an Amazon Echo Dot and a fridge stocked with take-out from Ocha Thai and Japanese Cuisine. But, what exactly is a bachelor pad? The ultimate bachelor pad is a clean, modern, sophisticated lair fit for men like Bond, James Bond. It should be the apartment that your male friend’s wish they had and the ladies want to visit.

Whether you’re living in one of our studio apartments in Stamford or a two bedroom villa in Branford, comfort, pleasure, enjoyment and fun should highlight all areas of your bachelor pad. It’s time to trash the cheesy posters on the wall, vacuum the floor and upgrade your modest crash pad with these great bachelor pad essentials.

Bachelor Pad Living Room Essentials

The living room is where there should be a wide array of activities. It’s the go-to destination for relaxation and watching Netflix, but it’s also the room your guests will see the most often. Comfort and entertainment are key so add a fleece blanket to your modern couch; invest in a Bluetooth speaker or quality stereo, and have a streaming device installed that provides services like Netflix and Hulu. Lighting and décor are also a must. Try a decorative lamp with different settings and industrial shelves to displace some of your favorite books.  

Bachelor Pad Kitchen Essentials

Every bachelor who wants to upgrade their crash pad to bachelor pad should also upgrade their ability to cook and their kitchen utensil. No woman will be impressed by a guy who only knows how to order Dominos when it comes time for dinner. Step your culinary game up and invest in gear such as old-fashioned cast iron pan and skillet for searing steaks, an upgraded coffee pot for freshly brewed pick-me-ups, and a great blender for margaritas or protein shakes.

Bachelor Pad Bathroom Essentials

While bathrooms don’t require much – a shower, toilet, sink, grooming products — it’s important to get a few key essentials for your space to ensure it is more reminiscent of a hotel than a hostel. A color scheme with matching décor, such as a toothbrush holder and soap dish, is a great start. Be sure to include a matching hand towel, scented candle, and a nice box of travel-size shampoos and soaps for unexpected guests. Having extra toilet paper and clean towels in the hall closet is a plus!

Bachelor Pad Bedroom Essentials

The mattress on the floor or the metal frame holding the mattress needs to go. A proper bed with a headboard, a dresser, two nightstands, and proper lighting are the basic furniture essentials for a bachelor pad bedroom. If your bedroom is smaller, there are plenty of ways to work around the furniture. The goal is to have your bedroom looking fresh and clean without clutter and clothes piled around.

Depending on the season, we all love our flannel and silk sheet set. However, simple white sheets, a quality blanket, two sleeping pillows, and two Euro pillows or standard pillows are all you need to make a bedroom feel crisp and inviting. Bonus points are often given to men who have a combo wake-up light and alarm clock and a lingering sweet but masculine scented candle.

A Bachelor Pad that Represents You

A bachelor pad should entirely represent the one who lives in it. Hobbies, preferences in terms of art, ways of entertaining guests, style, colors, and furniture, plus other details that outline your personality should be displayed. Style is important, but in the end, you are the one who ultimately lives in your apartment.

At CTBest, we can provide a variety of apartments with perfect layouts for the ultimate bachelor pad. Check out our floor plans at 77 and 65 Prospect Street in Stamford, as well as Hoyt Bedford and The Morgan. If you’re looking to live in Norwalk, we have great one-bedroom apartments and two-bedroom town homes available at Morningside Gardens, and in Branford we offer apartments and condominiums at Montoya.

For more information on our available apartments, call Desiree at 203-223-1665 or visit www.ctbestapts.com.

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