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Living Off-Campus Near UConn

Living Off-Campus Near UConn

Off Campus Living near UConnWhether to live on or off campus is one of the most important questions of your college career. This one decision can drastically alter your college experience. Staying on-campus will keep you close to class and campus activities, but living near UConn in our Stamford apartments also have some amazing perks. Here are just four reasons you may want to consider renting a CTBest apartment off-campus.

Cheaper Cost of Living 

Dorms and other student housing options are notoriously expensive at many colleges, which is why so many students opt to live off-campus. The cost of tuition goes up every year, as do the costs of books and other school supplies, so it’s inevitable that the cost of living on-campus would increase as well. Living off-campus gives you the opportunity to choose a setting that is right for you and your budget, plus you are not required to buy a meal plan! You also have the power to choose whether or not you live with roommates.

Stable Housing

A huge issue with living on-campus is the fact you have to move every summer. What if you decide to take summer courses? Sure, there may be a program available for housing, but usually, you’re required to move after the semester ends. At CTBest, if you like your apartment, then you can stay for an extended period rather than having to move at the end of each academic year

Real Life Experiences

One of the main reasons to live off-campus is that it offers important real-life experiences. Between actually having to pay your own rent and manage all other expenses that go along with renting your own place, living off-campus is a crash course in responsibility. Things like time management, budgeting and learning to cook will all start to become normal parts of your day-to-day life. You’ll also learn how to develop a relationship and build a rental history, which will only help you when apartment hunting in the future.

More Space, Fewer Distractions

Our CTBest apartments offer a variety of floor plan options and include more space for storage and entertainment. Not to mention our apartments offer more privacy for homework and time to unwind. Privacy may still be limited when living with roommates off-campus, but there is no curfew, dorm rules or communal bathrooms.

UConn’s Stamford campus is just minutes from apartments at Hoyt Bedford, The Morgan and 77 &65 Prospect Street. For more information about our apartment rentals in Stamford, contact our Leasing Consultant, Desiree Ligouri at dligouri@ctbestapts.com or by calling or texting her at 203-223-1665.


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