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Ideas for Furniture Shopping on a Budget

Ideas for Furniture Shopping on a Budget

furnitureWith college starting back in just a few short weeks, students will be moving into their new homes-away-from-home. Settling into a new space can seem daunting, but one way to make it more welcoming is to fill the apartment with items from home or that you love. The only problem: you don’t want to break the bank! Thankfully, we have compiled a few tips for you to shop smart and save money on furniture you love.

IKEA: This Swedish furniture store designs and sells ready-to-assemble desks, chairs, futons, tables and other furniture, which is perfect for people on a budget who don’t mind spending a little more time to save a lot more money. There is a store located in New Haven, minutes away from our Branford apartments and about an hour away from both Norwalk and Stamford.

Universal Hotel Liquidators: When upscale hotels renovate, redecorate or close, they have to get rid of the existing furniture. Instead of letting all that furniture go to the trash, Universal Hotel Liquidators will buy it and transport it to their warehouse to sell. With all types of furniture, including paintings, desks, lamps, mirrors, bedroom sets and more, this could be your one-stop shop for furnishing your apartment.

Walmart and other big-box stores: You definitely should not overlook your neighborhood superstore. These large chains know that students will be going back to school, so they usually have a decent variety of things to look through. However, the prices at these stores might not always be the best, so beware of marked-up prices for low-quality furniture.

Antique stores/flea markets: When buying furniture for your apartment, you might think of things that are new, but what you really want is something new to you. So, antique stores and flea markets can sometimes have chairs or other pieces of furniture for deep discounts. When buying from these shops, though, make sure to inspect the quality of the furniture thoroughly before you buy (check for wobbly chair legs, scratches or dents, torn fabric, etc.)

As you get back into the swing of things this summer, make sure to take the time to prepare your space. If you are still looking for a space, we can help you out! For more details on our apartments, click here to find contact information for our locations in Stamford, Norwalk or Branford.

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