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How to Save on Utilities in the Summer Heat

How to Save on Utilities in the Summer Heat

During the summer, people flock to Connecticut for its beauty and unique activities. As different as the residents and their lifestyles may be, they all have common goal in the summer: how to beat the heat without breaking the budget. Take a look at these tips to save energy and money this summer:

Unplug devices — This issue is one that is easy to fix, but it is usually not thought about. There is a common misconception that if the device is off, it is not using electricity, but devices like televisions can often use electricity even when not in use. A good indication of a device that uses electricity when powered off is anything with a clock or light. In order to fix this problem, using an energy-efficient power strip can help.

Use natural lighting — A great way to conserve energy in your apartment is to use natural lighting. Avoid using artificial lighting that might inadvertently heat up your space.

Close the blinds — When you are not at home, however, make sure to close the blinds so that the sun does not heat the rooms of your apartment unnecessarily.

Turn off the air conditioner when you are away — When you are not at home, make sure to turn off the AC as to save energy and money from an electrical bill.

Use higher temperatures — Also, if you are at home, try setting your thermostat to the highest possible temperature that you still feel comfortable with. The AC will have to work very hard to make the space very cool during the summer, which wastes electricity if you can stand slightly warmer temperatures.

Take shorter showers — This practice will help to avoid wasting water. Also, the heat from the shower will heat up the apartment, which is bad considering that the AC will waste electricity to cool the space again.

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