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How Social Media Affects Your Rental Status in Connecticut

How Social Media Affects Your Rental Status in Connecticut

Social Media and RentingSocial media is an important aspect in any job search, but did you know it has an impact on yourrental status as well? Online platforms such as Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn enable property managers to get a glimpse of who their candidates are outside of their application.

In the tight rental market of Stamford, Norwalk and Branford, property managers have to use a number of benchmarks to screen potential rentals in order to find the best candidates. Most renters are aware of the rental resume they have to create as well as the traditional criteria like credit scores and rental histories. These criteria’s help managers know who is serious about finding their perfect apartment in Connecticut. Now social media has been added to the mix.

Social media cannot be used to pass judgment on applicants in ways that violate the Federal Fair Housing Laws, but they can evaluate whether the applicant’s social reputation reveals violent or dangerous behaviors. Your online presence will also show inconsistencies with the rental application such as lack of employment or status about getting evicted from another rental. Just like a job application, a renter is entering into a professional contract when they sign an agreement with a property manager.

What social media red flags can cause a discrepancy in your renter’s application? Of course, anything related to criminal activity such as drug use, violent and/or offensive content, inappropriate images, complaints about previous managers and photos of you and pets if your manager restricts pets or certain breeds in units. However, social media can also be used to reflect the good qualities of renters. LinkedIn can easily show a steady employment history, Facebook can help with your sense of lifestyle and Twitter can show your unique interests. If you’re on the search for the perfect apartment in Stamford, Norwalk or Branford, use this knowledge to highlight why you would be the best renter of choice!

Social media platforms are the new applications for jobs and renting. New outlets are always being developed and existing ones are continually innovating new ways to share personal content. It’s completely acceptable to use any of these platforms for fun and work, but remember that your online presence could be a make-it-or-break-it factor when looking for a place to live.

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