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Hosting a Friendsgiving in Your CTBest Apartment

Hosting a Friendsgiving in Your CTBest Apartment

FriendsgivingWhile in college, many students don’t have the privilege of going home for the holidays whether it’s due to distance or finances. The Thanksgiving season is about being with family, and if you’re basically living at college, your classmates, neighbors and friends basically fall into that category. They’re the ones who help get you through the good and bad times, and you’re thankful for them every day. Before everyone parts their own way for the holiday, why not host a Friendsgiving to toast to old and new friendships!  Here are some tips to hosting the best friendsgiving ever:

Plan the meal

The host provides the turkey, gravy, ice and water, the rest of the meal planning is entirely up to you. Friendsgiving was made for potluck, so assign people a general category like potatoes, dessert, side items and casseroles. Know your audience and what kind of foods they want and if anyone has food allergies.

Make a menu that works for your space

Once guests have their assigned meals, think about the dishes you have to prepare in your home and the space which you have. The turkey will dominate the oven for hours so prepare food items that can be made ahead of time and reheated. Remember there are only four eyes on the stovetop as well, don’t over compensate for too many dishes!

Set the mood

You don’t have to have an elaborate tablescape, but adding a few special touches around the room can make it feel cozy and festive. Go to the local farmer’s market and buys some festive gourds to arrange artfully around the food, or invest in some cheap fall décor to XXX. Turning on cheery music will also help set the mood, or if you have a playlist with your friends favorite artists that may also be a hit.

 Have a Pre and Post dinner game plan

When the big day arrives you want your guests to stay out of the kitchen, so have something for them to do! Create a mini bar for serving themselves drinks and appetizers. Something as simple as a cheese plate and veggies with dip can go a long way! After dinner, make sure your guest have somewhere comfortable to lounge. Depending on their interests plan an evening of board games, a movie marathon or Xbox competition.

If you’re looking for a home for the holidays, CTBest would love to move you into an apartment perfect for your busy lifestyle. Our Stamford apartments have just the gourmet kitchen you need to entertain friends and family this Thanksgiving, with all kitchen appliances included and beautiful granite countertops. For more information, call or text Desiree at 203-223-1665 or visit www.ctbestapts.com.


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