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Holly Jolly Holiday Treats for Residents in Stamford, Norwalk and Branford

Holly Jolly Holiday Treats for Residents in Stamford, Norwalk and Branford

Holiday Treats It’s that time of year where Christmas cookies, holiday treats and festive drinks fill the air in every CTBest apartment in Stamford, Branford and Norwalk.  With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time for you to start the baking and treat-making! Whether you’re making gift baskets for neighbors, inviting friends and family over, or simply indulging at home, here are some quick and easy delicious holiday edibles that can be created, and devoured, in minutes!

Peppermint Oreos

How can you possibly make Oreos even more irresistible? Add Hershey’s Kisses, white chocolate and festive sprinkles! All you need for this easy recipe is a package of peppermint Oreos, candy coating and sprinkles. Measure the ingredients needed and set aside while the candy coating (chocolate) melts, dip the bottom of each Oreo into the chocolate, sprinkle the topping and had a peppermint Hershey’s Kiss.

Snowman and Reindeer Christmas Treats

These adorable treats will be a hit with any age group, but if you have children, this is is a must-do kid craft! All that is needed are a few ingredients and in less than a minute you’ll have the most adorable and festive Christmas dessert! To make a reindeer treat, you’ll need Swiss Rolls, pretzels, black gel, white chocolate chips, M&Ms and a paper straw. All you have to do is cut two small sliced on each side of the Swiss Roll and place one pretzel on each side to make antlers. Then press the pointy sides of the chocolate chips into the make, add black gel for the dots of the eyes and use a red M&M for the nose! The snowman is the same process except use a Sno Ball cake and cut out the pretzels.

Christmas Tree Frosted Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a staple dessert this season, not to mention they smell divine when baking! This recipe may take the longest because it’s homemade, but it is well worth the effort. Delicious and mildly flavored, these sugar cookies are near perfection! For the ingredients and instructions, click here. This is a recipe that can easily be used for other holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

Strawberry Santa’s

These simple Santa’s only require three ingredients, strawberries, vanilla frosting and black icing. Adorable and healthy, these treats are perfect for guests or to indulge on while binge watching Netflix. Rinse and cut your strawberries, you will also want to cut the pointed end off each one. Dry the pieces and swirl some vanilla frosting onto the top of Santa’s body, then add a dab to his hat and carefully add two eyes with black icing.

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