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Get a Stronger WiFi Connection in Your CTBest Apartment

Get a Stronger WiFi Connection in Your CTBest Apartment

WiFi Connection at CTBest ApartmentsIs there anything more frustrating than being fully engaged with an episode on Netflix or in the middle of a game only to have the system begin to buffer? Everyone knows that WiFi signal strength begins to weaken the farther away you are from the router but what if you’re in the living room and you are still experiencing weak service? If your Wi-Fi signal is being unreliable, there are a few ways you can get a stronger Wi-Fi connection in your CTBest apartment.

Find the Best Place and Position for the Router

It’s a common struggle to find ways to hide electronics and non-decorative items in your apartment. Half the battle with WiFi signal is the placing and positioning of your router. If you’re trying to make your apartment look more inviting and comfortable, chances are you have your router tucked away out of sight. While it’s visually appealing, the tucked away position is not good for your WiFi signal. The ideal location for your router will be on a high shelf or in the center of your apartment. By centrally positioning the router, it has the ability to reach all corners of your apartment much more easily, ensuring a stronger signal.

An Aesthetically Appealing Router

Since hiding the router is out of the question for a stronger signal, there are a few décor options you can partake in without ruining the look of your apartment. Try placing a few photo frames around it, making sure to leave at least three inches around the router on all sides. If you choose to set it on a higher self, you can easily find creative ways to tuck away the cords and make the router part of your appealing décor.

Avoid Impenetrable Obstructions

Metal appliances, such as the microwave can literally absorb your WiFi signal every time it is used, as does any large metal appliances such as the oven and fridge. The same frequency is also used for cordless phones, so don’t keep your cordless phone base station near the router either. Any metal object, even mirrors, can also reflect radio waves, therefore, placing the router behind the TV or in the bathroom is not ideal. Radio waves also certainly travel through walls, but the thicker the wall, the weaker the signal will be on the other side.

Keep Your WiFi Signal Secure

Your wireless speed is going to slow way down if other renters in your complex are piggybacking on your WiFi signal. You should take steps to secure your signal, both to improve your speed and to protect your privacy! First, open your router settings page, create a unique password and change your network’s SSID name. All of these steps can be found by simply Googling how to protect your WiFi.

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