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Football Tailgating Tips

Football Tailgating Tips

Football season is underway, which means that tailgating season is too! This unique tradition of fans coming together to eat, drink and mingle before the big game has become just as much of an event as the game itself. If you’re looking to host a tailgate party this football season, here are a few tips to ensure that it is touchdown-worthy.

Tip #1: Have a location.

The first step to a football tailgate is to have a location. Whether you plan on tailgating on a patch of grass, a parking lot or from the comfort of your own apartment, make sure your location accommodates the needs of you and your tailgating guests.

Tip #2: Wear your team gear.

When its gameday and your team is playing, you have to show school spirit. Whether you’re sporting your school jersey, t-shirt, hat, hoodie or just wearing the school colors, make sure you are representing your favorite team with pride.

Tip #3: Have snacks on hand.

No tailgate is complete without a tasty spread. While hamburgers and hotdogs are synonymous with tailgating, don’t forget the snacks. Chips and dips, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers and any other handheld snack are always crowd pleasers at tailgates. Also, don’t forget the cooking supplies and equipment. as well as plates, napkins and utensils to eat with.

Tip #3: Bring plenty of drinks and coolers.

With all the snacks being eaten, you’re going to want to have some drinks around as well. Make sure to have a wide variety of drinks such as sodas, seltzers, water and alcoholic beverages for those that are of age. Remember to bring enough coolers and ice to keep drinks, and any refrigerated food you may have, nice and cold.

Tip #4: Provide some entertainment.

Since the game hasn’t started yet, you’ll probably want to provide some entertainment for your tailgating guests. Fun outdoor games like corn hole, ladder ball and Jenga are great ways to keep the crowd entertained. If you’re tight on space, a simple gameday playlist is another fun and easy way to get the tailgate party started. And for true football fans, a tv and tailgate satellite ensures you won’t miss any of the games on throughout the day.

Tip #5: Be prepared for the weather.

Before heading out to your tailgate, make sure to check the weather so that you are prepared. Whether its raining or sunny out, having a tent is a great way to keep you dry or block out the sun. For colder weather, be sure to pack plenty of blankets and space heaters to keep everyone cozy and comfortable.

The most important part of a tailgate is to enjoy the company of your friends while cheering on your favorite team. At CTBest, we want our residents to enjoy the football season to the fullest. If you are looking for an apartment near UCONN, Yale University, Southern Connecticut State University or University of New Haven, CTBest has several options to choose from. For more information, call or text Desiree at 203-223-1665 or visit us online at ctbestapts.com.

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