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Five Move-in Tips to Help You Transition

Five Move-in Tips to Help You Transition

Transitioning to adulthood is exciting and can present challenges, like living on your own for the first time. Even if you have roommates, apartment living provides a chance to spread your wings and plenty of opportunities to grow. . One of the first growth opportunities might happen on the day you move in to your new apartment. Here are some tips to make this change easier:

Bring a cart with wheels – A major key to success when moving into your new apartment is making the process as efficient as possible. A rolling cart takes strain off your body, and allows you to move more every trip to the van. You can rent these from moving companies, and some apartments provide these to new residents. A group of friends could pool resources to purchase one and use it for years to come.

Take in all the heaviest stuff first – Fatigue is a fierce adversary to your already-mission-impossible move-in. Remember that once you move things from the car to your apartment, you still have to unpack everything from their individual boxes and move furniture around your new space. So, it makes the most sense to move all of the biggest furniture items and boxes first before you become too tired and overworked. If possible, back your belongings so the big items can be unloaded first.

Don’t throw away all your boxes – It can be satisfying to break down a room full of boxes and toss them in the trash after a long day of unpacking. Remember, though, that you may have more moves in your future. It would be wise to keep the some of the larger boxes to store off season clothes, and to move again later.

Power strips are life-savers – Once everything has been transported from your car and into your apartment, you need to get everything in its proper place. Power strips are essential for any college student, especially considering all the electronics like a TV, lamps, DVD players and gaming consoles that need power. Power strips provide more access to power and protect your devices during storms.

Hooks on hooks on hooks – Command strip hooks are a reasonable and removable option for jackets, belts, towels or anything else that a college student might need to hang. These hooks are backed by non-aggressive adhesive, designed to be removed without leaving a mark or damaging paint or walls. These come in a variety of finishes so you can dress up your home while storing important items.

While the move-in process might appear daunting and hard to conquer, these tips should help make moving into your CTBest apartment more efficient.  Read more moving day tips student living ideas and fun things to do in Connecticut here. For more information about our apartments in Stamford, Branford and Norwalk, click here, or call Desiree at (203) 223-1665.

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