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Finding the Perfect Roommate for Your CTBest Apartment

Finding the Perfect Roommate for Your CTBest Apartment

Find the Perfect Roommatefor CTBest ApartmentSigning the lease to you new CTBest apartment is a serious commitment. You’ve probably heard hundreds of horror stories from dissatisfied and angry roommates. The search for a roommate usually begins with friends, which is the first problem. You would think that best friends would make the best of roommates, but that isn’t always true. Living with a friend often destroys your relationship and creates a harsh living environment. With careful planning, you can easily create a stress-free living situation with your next roommate, plus you’ll both reap the financial rewards of splitting rent and utility bills.

Step One: Don’t Look For Good Friends

As mentioned earlier, friends do not always make great roommates. It’s not worth running a friendship just because you need a roommate. Try using online classifieds and social media to find people outside of your immediate social circle. If things don’t work out, at least a friend will not be lost.

Step Two: Ask Uncomfortable Questions

You want a roommate whose lifestyle compliments your own. Asking a lot of questions, including a few uncomfortable ones, could save you a lot of grief later. Consider inquiring about the following depending on your lifestyle:

  • The person’s work schedule
  • Alcohol usage
  • Guest invites
  • How loudly he or she likes to play music
  • How much TV he or she watches
  • Sharing household items
  • Financial situation
  • Health concerns
  • Diving bills

Step Three: Finding the Right Apartment

The right apartment can make a big difference. With roommates, the apartment will need personal zones and communal areas.  When you look at floor plans like our two and three bedroom apartments at 77 & 65 Prospect Street in Stamford, you’ll find several features perfect for roommates. Morningside Gardens in Norwalk also offers two bedroom townhomes with several convenient features. In Branford, we offer two options, Montoya apartments and Montoya condominiums, both with options that will make you and your roommate feel comfortable.

Having roommates has lots of great benefits, but it also requires compromise and open communication. Visit us online at http://ctbestapts.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more helpful roommate tips. If you’re interested in renting an amazing apartment in the Stamford area, call or text Desiree at 203-223-1665. If Norwalk or Branford is your scene, Nicole is waiting by at 203-450-2628.

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