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Finding a New Home for Four-Legged Family Members

Finding a New Home for Four-Legged Family Members

When it’s time to look for a new apartment, it’s important to consider every member of the family before signing that lease. Whether the much-loved family pet will be making the move with the family or renters plan to adopt an animal once settled, do research ahead of time to make sure this pet is allowed in the new digs. We have a few questions to ask and some thoughts to consider when deciding to rent a pet-friendly space.

First, consider your budget.

Many times, leading agencies require a pet deposit to pay for any potential accidents that happen during the lease. Pets can be messy and their addition to a living space can create more than usual wear and a tear on an apartment. Ask up front if there is a separate deposit for the pet, and if not, what the expectations are when the pet moves out.

Size and breeds

Because apartments tend to be smaller than homes, many communities that allow dogs will put a size or breed restriction on them. Some puppies may grow into huge pets that quickly outgrow their space and apartments want all residents to be comfortable during their residence.

Ask about rules.

Most people have contended with a middle-of-the-night barking dog, and usually the dog prevails, preventing relaxed sleep. Ask about how the apartment handles noisy pets, and what strategies to use if that happens to be your dog. When discussing rules, ask also about outside spaces that are pet-friendly. There may be dog parks nearby, or specific procedures for handling pet’s mess.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Lots of pets can stay inside all day, every day. Cats are famous for lazing on the floor in a patch of sunlight. But some pets, like dogs, need to get outside at regular intervals. Before moving into an apartment, have a plan for handling this. Some apartments provide pet daycare, or can point residents toward neighbors who can take on this task for a fee. Alternatively, some pet daycare services make house calls.

At CTBest Apartments, we’re happy to host pets. In fact, each of our communities allows one cat per unit, and two of our neighborhoods will allow dogs, depending on size and breed. Hoyt-Bedford and Montoya are dog-and cat-friendly. We want all our residents to feel comfortable and welcome, and we know that pets can bring so much to our lives.

With some careful planning and a little forethought, you can find a suitable apartment for you and your four-legged family member. Visit www.ctbestapts.com or contact Desiree at 203-223-1665 for more information.

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