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Easy Entryway Ideas for Your Connecticut Apartment

Easy Entryway Ideas for Your Connecticut Apartment

A small entryway doesn’t mean that you can’t create a welcoming space that invites you and guests into your apartment. Whether you have a tiny hallway or an empty wall by your front door, there are plenty of ways to liven up your entryway that are both functional and flattering to your CTBest apartment.

 Start from the Ground Up

Define your entryway with rug for a stylish first impression. Not only does a rug help define a space, but it also adds color and visual appeal to your apartment. Choose a rug that is proportional to the size of the entryway and make sure to place a rug pad underneath to prevent the rug from sliding.

 Mount Wall Hooks

Most likely, your entryway isn’t the most spacious area of your apartment. If you’re short on square footage, take advantage of the added wall space along the entryway. Mount a hook rack on a wall or the back of the front door to create a functional space to hang hats, bags, scarves, coats and keys.

Have a Seat

No matter how small, the entry should always be as comfortable as the rest of your apartment. Setting up a small bench or chair in your entryway is a great way to add functionality for minimal square footage. Placing a small bench against the wall by the door carves out a spot that allows you and your guests to take off your shoes or drop off purses and bags.

 Brighten Up with a Mirror

Don’t let that tiny nook by your front door be a black hole. Instead, try adding an oversized mirror. Besides offering a place to check your appearance on the way in or out the door, a supersized mirror in the entryway will amplify natural light to create a bright and inviting space. The reflective and dimensional design of mirrors also creates the illusion of more square footage which will make the entryway feel more open and spacious.

 Extra Storage Pieces

Try adding a multi-drawer console to your entryway for extra storage space in your apartment. Use the surface area on top for a lamp or small decor pieces, and drawers to store old miscellaneous items. Also, make sure to take advantage of any underneath space. A stylish box or basket under a console can be used to store shoes, umbrellas and accessories, while also keeping everything neat and out of sight.

Having a welcoming entryway helps to bring your apartment together and makes it feel like home when you walk through the doors. If you’re looking for a new apartment to call home in Branford, Norwalk or Stamford, visit us online at www.ctbest.com or call Desiree at 203-223-1665 for leasing information.


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