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Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Changes You Can Make in Time for Earth Day

Earth-Friendly Lifestyle Changes You Can Make in Time for Earth Day

College student picking up trash


With all the hectic moments in a student’s life, it is easy to overlook the small acts we take each day that could be negatively impacting our environment. We understand how busy college can be, which is why we we’re encouraging these small, inexpensive changes that you can start doing now to make your everyday life more environmentally friendly. But don’t keep these changes a secret! Share them with your friends and family and encourage them to start taking small steps to decrease their environmental impact. If we all begin to make small changes, it can make a big difference!


Here are a few small ideas to incorporate into your day to get you started:

    • Take reusable bags to the grocery store to cut down on the need for paper or plastic products, plus eliminate some of your trash by not having bags to throw away!
    • Carry a refillable water bottle around instead of using plastic bottles. We love stainless steel bottles best – plus, we could probably stand to drink a little more water each day, and keeping a nice bottle with you is a great reminder to stay hydrated.
    • Turn off lights and electronics when you are finished using them. An added bonus? Doing so will help reduce the cost of your energy bill!
    • Give clothing a second life by donating to secondhand stores
    • Go paperless! Take class notes electronically
    • Recycle schoolwork at the end of the semester

One thing is for certain: little acts do add up. Even taking part in a single environmentally-friendly action per day could leave a lasting impact on our community. Our main goal is to come together to make our community a more Earth-friendly place, one student at a time. At CTBest, we are always looking for opportunities and ideas to improve our beautiful Connecticut community, and we cannot do it without the help of our residents. Help us make a difference! Tell us how you’re adding an Earth-friendly step to your daily routine on our Facebook page!

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