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Don’t Let the Winter Months Affect Your Grocery Bill

Don’t Let the Winter Months Affect Your Grocery Bill

winter grocery shoppingLiving in a colder state, it’s no surprise the household bills tend to spike during the winter months, but why does the cost of groceries seem to rise? The hike in cost is often due to the need to eat richer food in colder months. Here are a few tips on how to save on groceries during the winter months:

Take Advantage of Deals and Coupons

No matter what your preference of supermarket, every one of them will have weekly and monthly sales.  Research what is on sale before you grocery shop and try to base most meals on those items. Meat is often the most expensive item on a grocery bill; grocery stores often have low prices on meat that is close to its sell-by date, so buy it and freeze it to ensure it lasts.  Speaking of frozen food, shop the frozen produce aisle to enjoy healthy food for a cheaper price.

Popular apps such as Ibotta and Groupon are also used to help with the cost of food. Get cash back on a variety of foods with Ibotta and save up to 75 percent with Groupon. Local newspapers and multiple online sources also provide coupons for groceries. In the end, it just takes research and meal planning to save money.

Use Fillers and Grains

Instead of making the most expensive ingredient the main part of a meal, try mixing it with other foods. For example, ground beef can be mixed with beans to stretch it further. Rice, ramen noodles, potatoes and pasta are all considered inexpensive yet filling foods that can be eaten in a variety of ways.  In general, grains are cheaper than other types of food. They are also carbohydrates, so they give you the necessary calories to stay warm in the winter. Grains, especially whole grains, are full of health benefits.

Plan for Leftovers

Purposely plan for meals that have the potential to be used again in different ways. One pack of chicken can make a chicken dinner one night while making fajitas and a casserole for other nights. If you plan on cooking pot roast, use the leftover meat for chili, stroganoff or vegetable beef soup. Arranging a meal plan in a way that allows you to make several meals out of just a few ingredients will save you money on your grocery bill.

Winter may be the hardest time to cut the grocery bill down due to hikes in costs and the comfort foods that seems to linger in front of every aisle, but it’s possible! Make a budget for how much you feel you should spend per week and write a list of what you’ll need.

Located near our New Haven apartments are several outdoor markets that provide fresh foods and are open throughout the winter months. For more information on CTBest Apartments, visit www.ctbestapts.com.


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