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Create The Perfect Study Space

Create The Perfect Study Space

An important part of any student’s living space is somewhere to study. This is easiest to do, and most fun and customizable, in a comfy apartment, rather than a dorm room with much more limited space. In the Stamford apartments from CT Best, a student has an opportunity to make a cozy and productive space. Here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness of any study spot:

  • Set up drawers and/or shelves to keep your supplies and books out of the way but close at hand.
  • Have a desk light bright enough to read by, but one that focuses the light in the area, since you might have to consider roommates and odd study times.
  • Keep a decent sent of headphones or earbuds around. Many people enjoy listening to music or podcasts while working, but people sharing the apartment with you may not want to hear it, or may want to hear their own. Headphones are also good for blocking out distractions.
  • Even if most of your work is on the computer, it’s best to keep some pens, pencils and paper on hand.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable chair. It can be difficult to focus on studying when you’re constantly moving around in your seat trying to get comfortable. A swivel chair can provide a tempting distraction, though.
  • If you’re someone who likes to move around or fidget with things, ensure that you have things to fidget that only need one of your hands and doesn’t make noise that could distract roommates.

At the Stamford apartments from CTBest, a student not only has a larger and more personal space, but also closer proximity and better access to things such as public transportation and the nearby schools, and life in a quiet and safe area.

For a better space to organize your study time and personalize it to your own learning and studying style, and an overall more spacious and pleasant and living arrangement, visit CT Best online or call (203) 325-3848.


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