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Clever Ways to Hide Electronics

Clever Ways to Hide Electronics

Hide TechTechnological gadgets to use around your home seem to be multiplying daily. While they make life fun and convenient, the cords, boxes and consoles aren’t a welcoming style for an apartment space. These persistent little problems might drive you crazy, but one solution is to get creative and hide those eyesores with style!


· Dealing with cords under your desk can sometimes be as simple as a wire basket held in place with screw-in cup hooks.

· Make loose cords harder to see and trip over with a few quick hits from the staple gun.

· Camouflage your cords while adding some pattern and texture to your wall with renter-friendly decorative panels.

· A simple tension rod and length of fabric can not only cover unsightly cables but also add some softness and texture to your office space.

TV Components

· Make an ultra chic and easy cover for your boxes. This can easily look like a stack of books in from of your TV.

· If you hate the look of a TV on the wall but can’t get rid of it, try to camouflage it with a frame.

· If you don’t want boxes, speakers, and consoles sitting on top of your media stand, find a piece of furniture that will allow you to put them out of the way. A dining room buffet turned media cabinet will have a spot for everything while maintaining a classy and stylish display.

Small Electronics

· Want to charge your phone while you sleep but don’t like the clutter on your bedside table? Turn a book into the ultimate stylish charging station with this tutorial.

· Keeping a computer in family spaces is great for easy access and for monitoring kids’ screen time. But it can also prove a constant eyesore and temptation. Create a computer station that looks decorative when closed up but is super functional when needed.

You don’t have to live with your tech devices staring you in the face all the time. With some creativity, you can easily hide cords, boxes and more while maintaining their usability. Give some of these DIY projects a try in order to achieve a smart, yet stylish, living space. View floor plans, amenities and more by visiting www.CTBestapts.com or call Desiree at 203-223-1665 for more information!

If you can’t hide them, at least make your various chargers and cords cute! Patterned washi tape not only adds color to plain cords, but you can use different colors to help keep track of which cord belongs to who!

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