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Benefits of UCONN’s Winter Session

Benefits of UCONN’s Winter Session

Winter sessionPlanning out a course schedule is difficult enough, so if you are struggling to get to your upper division courses at the pace you want or if you want to stay on track to graduate, UCONN’s three-week winter session is the right choice for you. Here are a few benefits of enrolling in the winter session that lasts from December 26 to January 12.

1. Your brain still gets exercise over the holidays.

It can be so tough to come back from a glorious month away from school and have to focus your brain back into student mode. Your brain can still take a break, but by choosing a course from the winter session, but it won’t be pulled in a million different directions, like in a normal term.

2. You can stay on track, reduce your course load or get ahead.

If you want to take an easier final semester or college so you can also balance an internship, graduate early or just need a way to stay on track to graduating on time, the winter session allows you to complete requirements like any other semester. The best part about the winter offerings is that if it’s just too cold to venture to class, many of the courses are offered online!

3. Winter sessions retain your attention more effectively.

Think about it: sitting in a class for six to twelve weeks, you will inevitably lose focus in a class because of the thousands of other things begging for your attention during the semester. But in a three-week class, you get to zoom in more closely on a subject that may be difficult to take during a regular semester or that you find yourself interested in more than your other subjects.

In the long term, taking a course during the three-week winter session is a win-win decision. The add/drop deadline is December 28 and the payment deadline is December 12, so register now!

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