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Beat the Heat in Your Apartment this Summer with These Tips and Tricks

Beat the Heat in Your Apartment this Summer with These Tips and Tricks

Indoor plants help save energy and keep air cool in your apartmentKeeping your apartment cool in the summer can cause your power bill to skyrocket. Trying to escape the summer temperatures can seem impossible, but with these tips, you can stay eco-friendly and save money.

1. Shade East and West facing windows. We all know the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Take the time to buy the right curtains such as blackout curtains or shades to keep the heat from sneaking in throughout the day.

2. Decorate with indoor plants. Indoor plants help keep the air around them cool. They use photosynthesis to survive and create energy. Plants also use the heat around them as energy to create their own food with water and sunlight. 

3. Leave doors and windows closed. Avoid cracking windows and doors to let fresh air in during the summer days. Compared to the air in your apartment, the air outside is considerably hotter and full of moisture. Instead, open windows at night to let the air flow through your apartment when there is no sun and the temperature has dropped below the air inside your home.

4.Try a reflective window film. The window film serves as an energy-saving technique that blocks the heat and glare coming through window without blocking your view. By using reflective window film, you can reduce 62 percent of the incoming solar energy before it enters your home.

5. Run appliances at night. As if you need MORE heat in your apartment! Avoid using the stove, dishwasher, oven and dryer during the day so you don’t create more heat. You can meal prep at night and make cold meals during the day so you don’t have to cook.

CTBest Apartments are comfortable all year long, but these tips can help you save on energy or get that extra cool factor during the hot summer months. Come see our luxury Montoya townhomes in Branford located just minutes off of I-95. Each apartment features in-home washer and dryers, resident controlled central air conditioning, gas heat and more! For more information, visit www.CTBestapts.com or text Jennifer at 203-537-3172.

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