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April Stress Brings May Finals

April Stress Brings May Finals

apartments near stamford collegesAs May approaches, so does college finals week. The few weeks of April before finals is an incredibly stressful time for college students. With classes wrapping up and finals around the corner, there is a lot of pressure to end the semester strong in such a short amount of time. While typically stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Keeping these few simple tips in mind can help any college student breeze though finals stress-free!

Create a Plan

If there is one thing that should be avoided during finals, it’s cramming last minute for a test. Before any studying is done, it is important to sit down and create a game plan for what needs to be accomplished. Pay attention to due dates and prioritize studying times to meet them. Creating a weekly calendar or daily schedule is a great way to make sure all tasks are met in a timely manner and no cramming occurs. 

Ask for Help

Asking for help can often be stressful and intimidating for students, but don’t be afraid! Professors aren’t just there to teach, they’re there to help their students succeed. Go to the professor after class or during office hours, or attend a study session if available. Most campuses also offer one-on-one and group tutoring sessions, as well as writing centers to help out with final papers. Take advantage of those resources on campus to help you achieve success through the finals stress.

Take Care of Yourself

Nonstop studying and pulling all-nighters might sound like a good idea in the moment, but they will leave you even more exhausted in the end. During finals, it is important that you pay attention not only to your studies, but also to yourself and your health. This means getting a good night sleep and eating a balanced diet. Make sure to take study breaks every once in a while to allow your brain to process all of the information you’re taking in. Maintaining both good mental and physical health throughout finals will improve concentration and result in more productive, stress-free studying.

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