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Apartment Style: 101 Create a Style You Imagine

Apartment Style: 101 Create a Style You Imagine

Whether you plan to have guests over frequently or you want to carve out a quiet place where you can study and unwind, CTBest apartments provide the perfect backdrop for your plans, and your decorating style. Regardless of how you’ll plan to use your home, you’ll want to make it look like yours with accents and furniture to create just the style you imagine. Since our apartments are located in the bustle of busy cities like Stamford, Branford and Norwalk, we’ve pulled together a list of ways you can bring some of the natural world into your space. Pick and choose the ideas that suit your preferences best.

Fiber Arts:

We love the look of natural fibers, like jute, rope, cotton, wool or even fur. Woven wicker or straw baskets can stow blankets, toys (or dog toys), books, media cables and more. Tuck some in the entryway to store shoes, or slide some under a coffee table to hold the remote and a snuggly cotton blanket. Rope, twine and jute make great multipurpose rugs, and can even DIYed in the weekend. Consider using rope to tie back curtains or to decorate hand towels. Macrame is storming back, and makes wonderful plant holders.

Industrial Strength Style

Another big trend in 2017 is the use of industrial metals like brass, copper and steel. Stools, mirrors, frames and even sofas are made with these as supports. Blending the texture of natural fibers with the gritty nature of steel builds a bridge between two styles for a powerful impact. Use these accents in big or small ways. A large, industrial shelving unit would make a cool open storage unit for books, school supplies, or even kitchen appliances. Or a trio of small copper plant pots would make a great focal point on a table or nightstand.

Natural Elements

Whether you can spring for the luxury of the genuine article or you choose faux options, bring the natural world into your city dwelling with marble, leather, stone or concrete. There are some great faux marble finishes being used in temporary wallpaper and tabletop coverings. Leather, real or synthetic, makes a bold statement in headboards, chairs and footstools. Concrete accessories like candlesticks and storage cubes also make a visual impact and blend well with the softening textures of natural fibers and the sleekness of earthy metals.

Blending styles from nature in an urban dwelling is easy and fun, and can add some interest to your new apartment. We would love to show you around any of our buildings, showing off the great use of space, amenities and inclusive communities.

Call Desiree at 203-223-1665 to schedule a tour or check out our apartment homes online. And let us know how you plan to decorate your CTBest apartment. Maybe we’ll feature your handiwork on our blog.

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