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5 Ways Warm Up Your CTBest Apartment

5 Ways Warm Up Your CTBest Apartment

Keeping your apartment warm and utility bills low can be a challenge during the winter months. This is especially true for renters who may not have the ability to make more permanent money-saving changes. While keeping warm and saving money is a challenge, it is also 100% achievable with some heat saving strategies. Here are five ways you can warm up your CTBest apartment:

1.Take advantage of windows

For those that have large windows in their apartments, take advantage of their energy saving features. During the day, pull back the curtains and open the blinds to let sunlight warm the apartment. At night, close the blinds and the curtains to keep the warmth in throughout the night.

2. Humidify the space

The dry cold can be unbearable during the winter months. Humidifiers act as a moisturizing agent. They release humid air that makes spaces feel warmer and prevent dryness and skin irritation. Don’t want to purchase a humidifier? Leave the bathroom door open while showering to create the same moisture-releasing effect.

3. Block out drafts

Cold air always manages to find a way inside. Check windowsills, doors and other cool spaces where winter air can get through. To combat drafts, purchase door draft stoppers, use weather stripping tape, seal with bubble wrap or hang insulated curtains to keep the cold air out and trap the warm air in.

4. Bundle up with blankets

One of the best ways to keep apartments warm during the winter months is to bundle up with bedding and blankets. Change up bedding by swapping traditional cotton sheets for thicker flannel ones and adding a down comforter for extra warmth. Add a cozy blanket on top of the bed and keep a few in the living room to cuddle up with when it gets cold.

5. Cover bare floors

Hardwood floors may look great, but they can become extremely chilly when the temperatures drop. Smooth, hard surfaces like hardwood and tile retain far less heat than carpet. To keep feet from freezing during the winter season, cover bare floors with large area rugs. Not only will these rugs keep feet warm and toasty, but they will also act as a natural insulator.

If there are any heating issues beyond your control that require a more permanent solution, please reach out to maintenance for repairs. To learn more about our Connecticut apartment communities, call or text Desiree for rental information at 203-223-1665 or visit CTBestApts.com.



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