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Maximizing Space in an Apartment

Maximizing Space in an Apartment

Maximizing space is important, especially for those who live in apartments. Apartments aren’t known for having ample amounts of space or built in storage, so tenants are forced to be creative with storage and furniture arrangements. Maximizing space can sometimes be tricky, but these simple tips can help anyone transform their apartment into a spacious living space!

Under the Bed Storage

Utilizing under the bed storage is an easy way to maximize space in the bedroom, as well as freeing up much-needed closet space. Most beds typically have some sort of space underneath that can be used for storage, but bed lifts can also be easily and inexpensively bought. Use clear plastic bins or organizers to not only store away your belongings, but also make it easier to locate and access them.

Use Wall Space

When living in an apartment, there’s no excuse for bare walls. When most people think about maximizing space, they very rarely consider wall space. Using wall shelving or hooks can be a great way to increase floor space by moving things up instead of out. Consider a floor-to-ceiling shelf to help organize books or decorative items, or maybe try mounting the TV on the wall instead of  taking up floor space with a TV stand.

Store or Donate

Don’t keep what you don’t need. Although parting with belongings isn’t fun, sometimes it’s necessary. In small living spaces, additional pieces of furniture, gadgets and décor can take up space that could be used more strategically. Sit down and consider what items are used regularly. If something is used daily or weekly, keep it. However, if something is very rarely used, consider putting it in storage or donate it.

Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture doesn’t have to work harder, just smarter. Excess furniture can take up a lot of space in apartments, but multifunctional furniture easily eliminates that issue by providing pieces that serve multiple functions. One of the easiest multifunctional furniture pieces to incorporate into an apartment are storage ottomans. Storage ottomans are the perfect option for storing blankets and other living room accessories, while also serving as additional seating or even a makeshift coffee table.

CTBest offers several spacious apartments and floor plans to help make maximizing space an even easier experience for our residents. If you’re looking for a new Branford, Norwalk or Stamford apartment, visit us online at www.ctbestapts.com or call Desiree at 203-223-1665 for leasing information.

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