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Be the Master of Your Move

Be the Master of Your Move

Tips for a Stress-Free MoveYou’ve saved your pennies and budgeted for your rent, but have you planned for all of the details after you’ve signed your lease? Moving into an apartment is a big step, but it can be made much easier if you prioritize planning before you drive away from your former residence. If you’re considering moving into a new apartment, there are some simple solutions to mastering your move:

Make moving arrangements in advance: Are you using professionals or your friends to help you move? Whether you’re trusting your buddies or resting easy with the pros, make your arrangements several weeks ahead of time. Even if you’re moving yourself, this may mean renting a truck or using short-term storage. Some apartment communities have relationships with moving companies that offer discounts, so make sure you check with your new community office to see if this is an option.

Don’t procrastinate on your packing: Start with the trinkets and seasonal items that don’t get used very often, and save the everyday-use items for the end. If you start packing early, you’ll relieve yourself of that stress on the night before your move.

Purge all that can be purged: Moving is the best chance to have a fresh start, so use the opportunity to make a little bit of extra money by selling what you can bear to part with. This will also save you the extra stress of additional packing because you won’t be toting with you things that aren’t necessary.

Clothes make the perfect packing protector: Bubble wrap is expensive and packing peanuts are a mess. Use your clothes to wrap dishes and other breakables. You’ll be protecting your fragile items while packing both your clothes and your kitchen essentials.

Mark each box by destination: You’ll save yourself hours of precious time and a headache if you put your Sharpie marker to use. Label the outsides of your boxes with the room to which they should be delivered when they arrive at your new place. Instead of searching through lots of boxes to find your favorite pair of scissors, you’ll only have to look through the boxes marked “Office”.

File a “Change of Address” form with your post office: If you want to make sure your favorite magazine or letters from your mom get to your new apartment, you’re going to have to let the post office know you’ve moved. Make sure you check this “to-do” off your list before you miss out on special-offer coupons or a care package.

If you’re ready to move onto the next step by living in your own apartment, but you’re intimidated by all of the details, let this list be a starter in making your move an easy one. All of these tips, with more included on www.rental-living.com, and the sales team at CTBest Apartments will make you feel like the Master of Moving. Whether you choose to live in the spacious Townhouse Apartments, the charming Seramonte or the conveniently-located Montoya Apartments, CTBest has the perfect place for you to take your next step and put these tips into practice. Visit www.ctbestapts.com for more information.

To learn more about our Montoya rentals in Branford, stop by the leasing center at 57 Montoya Circle or call 203-208-0174; interested renters can also call or text Jennifer at 203-537-3172.

More information about renting at our Townhouse Apartments near the live, work, play community of Downtown Stamford, can be found at the leasing center at 112 Hoyt Street or call 203-325-3848; interested renters can also call or text Desiree at 203-223-1665.

Learn how you can enjoy the best of both comfort and convenience at Morningside Gardens by visiting the leasing center at 112 Hoyt Street in Stamford or calling 203-325-3848; interested renters can also call or text Nicole at 203-554-8684.

Stop by the leasing center at 1 Kaye Plaza in Hamden or call 203-281-0001 to learn more about our Seramonte apartments; renters can also call or text Jessica at 203-448-9650 or Sam at 203-619-4576.

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