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Apartment Style 101: Bringing Color Back for Summer

Enjoying life is easy in Connecticut, especially when you live in one of our great communities. Connecticut's public schools consistently rank at the top nationwide, the state is home to many major employers, and there's so many ways to have fun.

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Apartment Style 101: Bringing Color Back for Summer

Posted On: Friday, May 27th, 2016

How to incorporate summer colors into your apartmentWith the summer season in full swing, people are starting to bring out summer decorations and ideas to give their apartments a fresh color and look. There is a good chance you want to do the same, but you might not know where to start. The best way to begin decorating for the summer is by bringing back those fresh, summer colors.
Here are a few colors and ideas to bring color back for the summer in your apartment or home:
Orange: A vibrant orange is an instant energizer in any room. A wall decal is a great way to incorporate it into your space and get a punch from this exciting color.
Yellow: Yellow is a bright and happy color that brings a smile to your face and simply can lift your mood. You can use yellow in artwork or accent pieces such as a pillow to let light and sunshine into your room. Using yellow with a soft color like gray or white can make it pop even more. (more…)

2016 Connecticut Summer Bucket List

Posted On: Monday, May 23rd, 2016

2016 Connecticut Summer Bucket List With summer here, there is no better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by completing a summer bucket list! CTBest Apartments has the best locations near tons of activities and attractions you could put on your list to make this summer one to remember. To name a few, here are some ideas to include on your summer bucket list this year:

Stamford Museum & Nature Center

Located near our Stamford apartment communities, families are welcome to come to the Stamford Museum & Nature Center. There are a variety of things to do from seeing animals on the farm, enjoying nature on a winding walking  trail, going to the observatory and planetarium and so much more. Be sure to visit this summer for some family fun! (more…)

Brews on Bedford in Stamford Downtown

Posted On: Friday, May 20th, 2016

2016 Brews on Bedford in Stamford DowntownSampling great beers, listening to live music, eating great food and playing fun games are all waiting for you at the Brews on Bedford event in Stamford Downtown. On Saturday, June 11, local, regional and national craft brews will be available to sample at Latham Park on Bedford Street. From 1 to 5 p.m., be sure to make your way to Stamford Downtown so you don’t miss this event.

For ages 21 and over, this event allows you to sample beers from all around the country and enjoy live music and games such as corn hole, giant Jenga and more. Tickets for the event are $25 in advance and $35 the day of the event at the gate if tickets are still available. With entry, you will receive a souvenir beer mug and six 4-ounce beer samples. For additional samples, it will cost $2 each at the event.

Photo identification will be required for admission, and it is a rain or shine event. To purchase your tickets in advance, visit Brews on Bedford’s ticket website. For more information on events like this in Stamford Downtown, visit www.stamford-downtown.com.

Stamford Downtown always has something to do, and is a hot spot for events and exhibits throughout the summer and all year long. Our Stamford apartments are near a variety of shopping and entertainment destinations in downtown that are easily accessible. For more information about our apartment communities in Stamford Downtown, visit www.CTBestApts.com or call or text leasing consultant Desiree at 203-223-1665.

Art in Public Places in Stamford Downtown

Posted On: Monday, May 16th, 2016

Art in Public Places in Stamford DowntownArt can be an elegant way to express one’s feelings. It can come in many different forms: music, sculptures, paintings, dance, animation and much more. Even from a young age, people have always been able to listen to music or look at art and appreciate the time and effort put into making it. Some of us even enjoy it so much that we pursue making our own art as a career or vigorously on the side. With its annual Art in Public Places event, Stamford Downtown tries to accommodate both sides: those who love to make art and those who simply enjoy art.

Every year, Stamford Downtown plays host to a distinguished outdoor sculpture exhibit that is designed to bring together local and regional audiences; this year’s Art in Public Places exhibit is called “Downtown Expressions.” Starting June 1, 43 sculptures from 16 different artists will be displayed all summer throughout Downtown and at the Stamford Town Center. (more…)

Celebrate National Pet Appreciation Month with CTBest

Posted On: Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Celebrate National Pet Month with CTBest at our pet-friendly apartments in ConnecticutPets; they are part of our everyday lives, we treat them as if they are our family and some people even look at them as their own kids. No matter how you view them, we all have or have had a pet we love and adore.

We come home to them every day, and they are there for us when we have a good day and always want to play. They are also there whenever we are down and know how to comfort us. In some way, they know just how we are feeling and show us the love we need.

Since May is National Pet Appreciation Month, it is time for us to celebrate and spoil our pets more than we already do. (more…)

Things to Do in Hamden and New Haven, Connecticut

Posted On: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Things to Do in Hamden and New Haven, ConnecticutSpring is finally here in Connecticut, and what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by getting out and enjoying time with family and friends? The cities of New Haven and Hamden have plenty of offerings for activities and entertainment. Here are some of our favorites:

Hamden is known as the “land of the sleeping giant” thanks to the two miles of mountaintop that resemble an actual sleeping giant. Visitors of Sleeping Giant State Park enjoy picnicking, camping, stream fishing and hiking on the nature trail to the lookout tower to relish in scenic views of Long Island Sound and the New Haven area.

Located in Wallingford in New Haven County is the Gouvei Vineyards. For $10, guests can enjoy four pre-selected wines and one of their choice, plus an included souvenir glass! Whether you visit for a cellar tour or to enjoy the panoramic views, Gouvei Vineyards is the perfect escape to unwind and enjoy the season. Open daily with live music on Saturdays. (more…)

Pros of Renting: Amenities

Posted On: Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Pros of Renting AmenitiesWe’ve already talked about the many benefits of renting an apartment, so let’s discuss one of the best things you’ll get when you choose to live the apartment life: amenities.

Having access to many amenities that you otherwise would not have is a huge cash saver and stress reducer. Luxuries such as a pool and fitness center are convenient, and things such as included heat and hot water save you a lot of money when it comes time to pay the bills. Even purchasing the necessary appliances such as washers and dryers can put a strain on your wallet, and if they break then you’re on your own.

By including the following amenities in many of our apartments and communities, CTBest Apartments provides our residents with a top-notch living experience: (more…)

Apartment Organization Made Easy

Posted On: Friday, April 22nd, 2016

Apartment Organization Made EasyEven if you’ve already done your spring cleaning this year, there’s always room for more, and now is the perfect time to do some much-needed organizing. Here are some of our organizing tips for taking your apartment to the next level in organized style.

You’ll want to start by de-cluttering each room of your apartment. If you haven’t used that kitchen gadget or worn that shirt in a full calendar year, it can probably go; after all, there’s no sense in organizing it somewhere if you’re not going to use it anyway. You can either sell your unwanted items to secondhand stores or donate them to a local shelter or Goodwill.  While you’re at it, you can begin to sort things in various piles based on how you want to organize them. Find some important papers in a drawer full of office supplies? Put them aside for filing or shredding later.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to get organized. The task may seem daunting at first, but tackling the project room-by-room will definitely make it easier and less stressful. (more…)

How to Make Guests Feel at Home in Your Apartment

Posted On: Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

How to Make Guests Feel at Home in Your ApartmentWhether they stay for the weekend or just a few minutes, it’s important that your guests feel welcome in your apartment. From subtle touches to rolling out the red carpet, we’re sharing our top tips for being the perfect host.

-Having guests over is the perfect excuse to get some of that much-needed cleaning out of the way. If you weren’t expecting company, de-clutter what you can and shut off rooms that you don’t want them to see.

-Plan ahead of time by stocking the fridge and pantry with items your guests will enjoy. If you’re not sure what they like, or don’t want to worry about allergies, they definitely won’t mind if you ask.

-For overnight guests, be sure that they have nice, clean sheets and fresh towels to use. It’s not a hard and fast rule, but white linens convey the most sense of cleanliness, which is important to any guest.

-You should also make sure to have sleeping arrangements ready before guests arrive, so they don’t feel like they are inconveniencing you. (more…)

How to Be More Eco-Friendly at Home

Posted On: Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

How to Be More Eco-Friendly at HomeWith Earth Day coming up, you should be aware now more than ever about how your daily activity affects the environment. That’s why we’re sharing some of the best (and simple) ways to help you be more eco-friendly in the place you spend a majority of your time; your home.

-Recycling is one of the biggest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Here’s a handy recycling chart that you can place near the receptacles in your home.

-You probably use your computer every day, but are you turning it off when you’re done with it? Even when computers are in sleep mode they suck up energy, so be sure to turn yours off completely off after each use to get the most out of it in the years to come.

-Invest in rechargeable batteries and learn how to properly dispose of old batteries.

-Don’t throw out your coffee grounds as they can be used to do some pretty great things. (more…)