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Winter in the City – Why it’s Refreshing!

Enjoying life is easy in Connecticut, especially when you live in one of our great communities. Connecticut's public schools consistently rank at the top nationwide, the state is home to many major employers, and there's so many ways to have fun.

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Winter in the City – Why it’s Refreshing!

Posted On: Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

Winter in the cityStepping outside in the frigid Connecticut air, it may be difficult to remember why winter in the city is something to be thankful for. Besides being ready with all sorts of ice and snow activities, the chilled atmosphere is much more enjoyable for many than a hot, humid and sticky summer day in the crowded streets of downtown. Get to know your surrounding cities when the air is crisp and the twinkling lights create a relaxing, magical feel.

City life comes with distinct odors. While there are fresh flower aromas and whiffs of delicious food on every corner, there are also scents of less appealing matter. In the city, subway platforms can get over 90 degrees in the summer and to beat it all, there is no breeze! With winter in full swing, everyone is a little more insulated in their thick coats and solid boots. Instead of letting the cold temperatures overwhelm you, be thankful that you are saved from the not-so-friendly odors of a big, busy city. (more…)

4 Tips on Surviving as Roommates

Posted On: Thursday, December 1st, 2016

roommatesLiving with other people is hard. Whether you know them or you’re complete strangers, other people’s habits are always different from yours. Many common roommate problems arise because they don’t let each other know their preferences when it comes to certain aspects of apartment living. Whether you differ on being night owls or early risers, how to load the dishwasher or how clean common space should be, it is an adjustment to live with someone else. To help you get to know your roommate better and learn how to communicate more effectively, we’ve compiled these four tips:

  • Create a survey or questionnaire for move-in day. The day you move into your apartment is hectic and time-consuming. You may or may not have time to talk with your roommate throughout the process, but at the end of the day, there will probably be time for some communication. Prior to moving in, create a short survey or questionnaire with questions such as, “what do you do on the weekends,” “do you smoke or drink,”  “what’s your sleep schedule like,” and “how often do you clean?”  These simple questions can help resolve issues before they even arise. Learn as much as you can about your roommate so communication becomes easier and more effective down the road. (more…)

How to Overcome Finals

Posted On: Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

finalsThe first day of the semester for a college student is invigorating and exciting. As time wears on, however, cooler weather is a reminder that finals are just around the corner. Dealing with the pressure of finals, especially your first year in college, can take a toll on your mind and body. Here are four quick things you can to do beat the stress of finals:

  1. Exercise: Who has time to exercise when you have three finals in one week? Taking just 30 extra minutes a few times per week for physical activity can release an overall positive feeling within the body. You will think better and have improved performance because of the endorphins that exercise releases. Take advantage of the hiking trails and parks that are close to your CTBest apartment. (more…)

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

Posted On: Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

When it coneighborsmes to getting to know neighbors, it’s natural to want to avoid the awkward conversations for as long as possible.  Much of the stress that is related to apartment living goes back to issues with neighbors, so getting to know the residents that surround you can make your life a lot easier. By simply saying hello, giving a small gift or hosting a get together in the party room (or clubhouse) of your complex can open your world up to new possibilities.

As strange as you may feel knocking on your neighbors’ doors and saying hello while bringing them a baked good, you will feel even more foolish beating on their door telling them to keep the noise down. Aside from your insecurities, an effortless greeting to a stranger never hurt anyone. There will be some residents who may give you a weird look, while the rest will be thankful for the kind smile. Having good neighbors gives you a sense of community and it also allows for open communication. When you know your neighbors, you learn their habits and attain a sense of their personalities. This information benefits you by giving you guidance on how to handle issues that arise within the complex. For example, if your upstairs neighbor works during the night, you know that your nights will be quiet, but you may hear stirring around throughout the early morning hours. (more…)

Apartment Style 101: Space Savers

Posted On: Friday, October 28th, 2016

Storage SolutionsMoving to a new place brings on a mixture of emotions, with excitement being a big one. You are finally making decisions for yourself and living on your own terms. On moving day, your bags are packed and you’re ready to move in. When you arrive at your new apartment, you suddenly realize the lack of space you have. Where are all these bags you packed going to go? Here are a few space saving hacks for each room of your apartment to help you maximize your space and stay clutter-free:

  • Living Room: Combine furniture with storage. You can find several inexpensive pieces of furniture, whether it be an ottoman or a table, that allow you to store a great amount of stuff. You can also stack furniture for a more contemporary look. Consider buying wooden pallet crates and stacking them along a wall for décor and storage, such as the one shown here. (more…)

Get Spooked This Halloween at Local Events

Posted On: Monday, October 17th, 2016

Creeperum Haunted House

Fall is in the air, and Halloween is getting closer with every passing day. There are a variety of reasons why we love this time of year, including festivals, events we go to dressed up as our favorite characters for, giving ourselves an excuse to get scared by people, and facing some of our worst fears. To help you find the best places to celebrate and enjoy the season, here are a few fun things to do near our apartment communities:

Haunted Isle

If you dare, come along to the Haunted Isle in East Haven for a night of screams and fun. Legend says the things that nightmares are made of lurk somewhere in the woods at the end of the trolley tracks. Take the path down by the tracks to the gate at the start of the trail. Be sure to wear good walking shoes as the Isle is a wooded path with many twists, turns and mysterious happenings. Regular admission is $12 per person, and express admission is $20 per person. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door. Tours will take place every Friday and Saturday in the month of October between 7 and 10 p.m. For more information, visit the Shore Line Trolley Museum’s website.  (more…)

CTBest Apartments Offers Special Incentives

Posted On: Wednesday, September 28th, 2016

From its rich history and beautiful sights to its amazing restaurants and education opportunities, there's so much to love about Branford!Your budget is always an important factor when making the decision on where to live and which apartment to rent. One way to help with costs and to get better deals is to look for special incentives that apartment communities are offering. At CTBest Apartments, we want to help you get into one of our apartments, so we are almost always offering special incentives that can make moving even easier!

At our Branford apartments, residents enjoy living in a seaside town, where they have several parks and trails for their recreation needs and plenty of delicious dining spots. Our apartments here offer one or two bedrooms, resident controlled heat and central air conditioning, contemporary kitchens and spacious bathrooms. To learn more about special incentives here at the Montoya community in Branford, click here. (more…)

Beach Bag Must-Haves

Posted On: Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Enjoy beaches near our Stamford rental apartments

As the hot summer days continue to roll, going to the beach is the best solution to cool down and have some fun. However, before you head out, be sure you have all the necessities you need for a day at the beach. So you don’t forget, we made a list of beach bag must-haves for you when head to the sun and sand:

  1. Sunscreen: If you don’t bring anything else, make sure you have sun protection when you go to the beach. No matter the SPF you choose, although we recommend at least SPF 30, pack sunscreen and put it on at the beach. And don’t forget to reapply throughout the day! Nothing is worse than coming home from the beach burnt. (more…)

Best Drinks to Enjoy by the Pool this Summer

Posted On: Monday, July 18th, 2016

Pros of Renting AmenitiesThe best way to endure a hot, summer day is being at the pool with a cold and tasty drink. To help you get through the summer, we’ve compiled a list of non-alcoholic drinks for you and your family to enjoy while soaking in the sun next to the water. Our favorite drinks to enjoy by the pool include:

Strawberry Lemonade

Nothing beats homemade strawberry lemonade. To make, add two cups of strawberries, half a cup of agave and three-fourths of a cup of lemon juice to a blender and pulse until the strawberries are liquefied. Pour the juice into a half-gallon pitcher, add slices of lemon and fill it with chilled water. If you want, you can add slices of strawberry to the pitcher for extra flavor. Pour it over ice to keep cold and garnish the glasses with lemon slices and strawberries. Not only will the drink look pretty, it will be delicious! (more…)

Things to Do in Hamden and New Haven, Connecticut

Posted On: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Things to Do in Hamden and New Haven, ConnecticutSpring is finally here in Connecticut, and what better way to enjoy the beautiful weather than by getting out and enjoying time with family and friends? The cities of New Haven and Hamden have plenty of offerings for activities and entertainment. Here are some of our favorites:

Hamden is known as the “land of the sleeping giant” thanks to the two miles of mountaintop that resemble an actual sleeping giant. Visitors of Sleeping Giant State Park enjoy picnicking, camping, stream fishing and hiking on the nature trail to the lookout tower to relish in scenic views of Long Island Sound and the New Haven area.

Located in Wallingford in New Haven County is the Gouvei Vineyards. For $10, guests can enjoy four pre-selected wines and one of their choice, plus an included souvenir glass! Whether you visit for a cellar tour or to enjoy the panoramic views, Gouvei Vineyards is the perfect escape to unwind and enjoy the season. Open daily with live music on Saturdays. (more…)